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  • Grammy 2010 – The Winners

    The styles at the Grammys this year were decidedly a little more daring than last year, hopefully a small sign that our economic woes are slowly lifting and celebrities feel a little more comfortable “blinging” out.

    Jewelry choice were chunkier and bolder, some with a decidedly futuristic slant.

    As for the fashion, this experts sums up the top winners of the evening, including Lady Gaga’s celestial beast of a dress:

    1. Beyonce– With the most wins of the night, the starlet is seen wearing a Stephane Rolland gown, Casadei Heels, and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.
    2. Fergie– Fergie is stunning in a blue Emilio Pucci mini dress, Kwiat cuff, Jessica Robinson jewelry, Le Silla sandals, and a jeweled Judith Leiber clutch. Lately, I’ve seen Fergie in Emilio Pucci at several red carpet events. She surely is a fan of his and I’m sure he is of her. Maybe a collaboration sometime in the future?
    3. Jennifer Lopez- JLo looks gorgeous in this silver chain Versace gown.
    4. Mary J Blige– So happy to see her in some color and her dress is another unique cut-out neckline that I adore. The R&B star brights up the right carpet in a fuschia Gucci gown with a Gucci clutch, and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.
    5. Lady Gaga– With Lady Gaga you wonder, “What is she going to pull of next?” She surely gave us an eye-popping look in this futuristic, Armani prive dress with towering, sparkly heels.
    6. Miley Cyrus– Love her futuristic, rocker-chic style. Miley is wearing a short teal Herve Leger by Max Azria dress, Judith Leiber clutch, and gladiator sandals. Love it!
    7. Pink– Now this is a change. Pink giving us old-Hollywood glamour? She looks amazing in a crystal-encrusted Tony Ward haute couture gown, Judith Leiber clutch, and Neil Lane diamond jewelry worth 2.5 million dollars. Wow!
    8. Taylor Swift–  She brings extreme glamour in this shimmery blue Kaufman Franco gown, platinum and diamond jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz. I love the neckline of this dress!

    Source: HotBeautyHealth

  • Goodies from the Grammys

    Nothing gives the world a better fashion indicator than a good award ceremony. Figure it this way: some of the top fashion designers in the world are recruited to dress celebrities. These people know what’s hot!

    So let’s cut to the chase: what was hot and what was not at last night’s Grammys?

    Lady Gaga, in her own fashion universe

    Imogen Heap, Mary Poppins style

    Pink, in a gray mood

    Beyonce, giving flesh tone a whole new meaning

    Miley Cyrus, in a marbled look?

    Oh, Britney. A good friend would have stopped you.

    Katy Perry – vintage goth

    Tomorrow, we’ll take a closer look at some of the jewelry choices seen at the Grammys. Stay tuned!

  • The Wittelsbach Blue Diamond Defies Recession

    The Wittelsbach diamond, a 35.56-carat fancy deep grayish-blue diamond with a long history, was among the gems slated for auction at Christie’s “Jewels: The London Sale” last month. What was the asking price? Read on:

    Officially known as “Der Blaue Wittelsbacher,” the diamond is one of the few that can claim 17th-century heritage.

    In 1664, King Philip IV of Spain (1605-1665) selected the diamond as part of the dowry of his daughter, Infanta Margarita Teresa (1651-1673), upon her engagement to Leopold I of Austria (1640-1705), who later became Holy Roman Emperor.

    The diamond subsequently became part of the Austrian and then the Bavarian crown jewels.

    The diamond has been part of a private collection since 1964, and its appearance at the upcoming Christie’s auction marks its first offering to the international market in nearly 80 years.

    “It is a great honor and a lifetime dream to handle a museum-quality stone such as the Wittelsbach,” said Francois Curiel, chairman of Christie’s Europe and international head of jewelry. “The appearance of a large blue diamond, among the rarest of colors, with a history that can be traced back to the 17th century and 300 years of royal connections will surely be a thrilling occasion for all collectors of exceedingly rare jewels and works of art.”

    So what did the historic diamond go for? How about a record-setting $24.3 million! Recession? What recession?

    “In the midst of these challenging times, we were thrilled to achieve an historic price for an historic diamond,” said Francois Curiel, chairman of Christie’s Europe and auctioneer for Wednesday’s sale.

    The previous sales record was a mere $16.5 million for a 100-carat diamond in 1995.

    Source: National Jeweler

    Jewelry Insider

  • Consumers Decide: Mined or Made Diamonds?

    The debate continues: when a consumer is informed about the very real ecological and political dangers associated with mined diamonds, will he or she purchase a diamond or choose a diamond alternative?

    This recent study shows that slowly but surely, people’s minds are changing:

    Paso Robles, Calif.–A new consumer survey conducted by MVI Marketing’s Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council (JCOC) showed that a small but significant percentage of respondents have decided to snub mined diamonds, and an even greater percentage are planning to seek out “created diamond” alternatives.

    According to a release from the JCOC, the council conducted a study called “Consumer Perceptions of Created Diamond Alternatives,” which was completed by 1,478 JCOC panel members between the dates of Dec. 26 and Dec. 31, 2009.

    The study exposed survey-takers to some brief introductory information about the concerns surrounding diamonds and why those concerns have prompted some consumers to choose created diamond alternatives, including lab-grown diamonds and diamond simulants, instead.

    “Mined diamonds are mined from deep in the earth,” a concept introduction provided to survey-takers said. “This has some environmentalists concerned about the destructive nature of mining and the chemicals used. Others are concerned about profits from illicit diamond mining being used to fund the purchase of arms in war-torn countries and contributing towards human suffering. Because of these issues, many people have opted for created diamond alternatives available in fine jewelry instead of mined diamonds.”

    The JCOC release said that after learning about issues related to mined diamonds, a majority of respondents have taken actions that indicate they may be buying fewer mined diamonds in the future.

    According to the study, 11 percent of those who participated said they have decided not to purchase or request jewelry crafted of mined diamonds.

    Eight percent said they won’t give mined diamonds as a gift and 18 percent reported that they have made family or friends aware of the issues.

    A total of 16 percent of survey-takers said they seek created diamond alternatives when looking for jewelry.

    “Clearly consumers are becoming more aware of the challenges faced in the mining of diamonds,” MVI Chief Executive Officer Mart Hurwitz said in the release. “It is only natural for the consumer to consider man-made alternatives if their concerns about those challenges grow.”

    Source: National Jeweler

    Moissanite, in our opinion, is a phenomenal product – highly comparable to diamonds – and exceeding in some characteristics. We sell moissanite because we recognize this societal shift and the importance in finding a diamond alternative for people concerned with global issues.

    Style 645MR

    Classic Tiffany Style Round Moissanite Solitaire

    Round Tiffany style solitaire engagement ring with Charles and Colvard created moissanite.

  • Moissanite – an Affordable Luxury Experience

    As moissanite climbs the ranks in popularity with those interested in a quality product with an eco-friendly slant, we wonder whether its just an indicator of a troubled economy or a sign that shoppers are developing different preferences at this point in our history.

    Here’s an excerpt from JCK Online with CEO Randy McCullough of Charles & Colvard:

    There has been a lot of confusion over whether moissanite should be marketed as a diamond substitute or its own product. Where do you stand on that?

    Nothing is a substitute for a diamond. I don’t care what anybody says. There is no person in the world that wouldn’t rather own a diamond. If that changes, something is wrong with the world. But not everyone can afford a diamond.

    So moissanite is a great alternative. Everyone wants the experience of wearing two carats on their ears. With moissanite, they can do that. It’s an affordable luxury experience.

    Here are a few of our top moissanite sellers:

    Rose Gold Diamond and Pink Moissanite Ring

    Stunning, delicate 14kt rose gold engagement ring set with a 1.0ct (dia equiv) Charles and Colvard created round moissanite color enhanced to spring pink surrounded by 1/3ct t.w. white diamonds. Matching earrings also available.

    Style 7064M

    Antique Style Filigree Moissanite Bracelet

    Antique style filigree bracelet with Charles and Colvard created moissanite. 3/16″ wide and the standard 7″ long.

    Available Total Weight: 3.60ct t.w.

  • Jewelry Sales – The Upside

    We’re often asked how our business is faring in a trying economy. And there’s no easy answer to that question. Overall, we’ve maintained because we have a loyal customer base who’ve come to depend on our stellar service and high-tiered craftsmanship.We realize the importance of fostering our relationships with our customers…and after three generations, we think our formula works.

    Looking at the jewelry market overall, you’ll find some mixed news, such as this Wall Street Journal piece:

    Consumer electronics products were strong sellers in December, rising 7.3%, SpendingPulse said. Luxury merchandise, excluding jewelry, grew 5.5%, turning positive after a 7.3% decline in November, and jewelry sales rose 6.9%, their fourth consecutive monthly gain, SpendingPulse said.Still, high-end items are not capturing the most consumer dollars. Discount mass merchants like Costco Wholesale Corp. (COST) and BJ’s Wholesale Club Inc. (BJ) are again expected to show the most comparable-store growth for December, at 3.9%, while teen and children’s apparel retailers are pegged for the biggest decline, at 4.3%, Thomson Reuters said.

    Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) is part of the mass merchant group, but will not be reporting same-store sales after halting the practice last year. Jefferies Group feels the nation’s biggest retailer had strong December results. Wal-Mart delivered a “clear holiday sales message, combined with more aggressive pricing and easier comparisons” that produced a low-single-digit percentage gain, putting Jefferies’ quarter-to-date estimate toward the upper end of Wal-Mart’s forecast for a 1% gain to a 1% drop.

    So we’re seeing a little hope on the horizon, economically speaking. People are beginning to buy again, slowly but surely. At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we realize budgets are tight and can find you a piece tailor-made to fit your checkbook. You name the price, we name the piece – it’s that simple.

    Check out these earrings below. These are a phenomenal deal and a store favorite:

    Save 60% Now! Martini Style Moissanite Earrings

    Martini style three prong earrings with Charles and Colvard created round moissanite.

    SAVE 60% while supplies last.

    2.50ct t.w. (dia equiv) Reg. $1649 Now $659.60

    Use Coupon Code “Discount60” at checkout.

  • Turning Trash into Treasures

    Our jewelry store prides itself in its eco-awareness, regionally and internationally by using recycled materials and gems acquired from reputable companies. Also products like Gemesis and moissanite offer diamond-quality with less damage to the earth.

    We really admire the efforts of this woman, who is turning beach trash into some pretty amazing jewelry:

    Judith Selby Lang is an artist who never pays for material for her jewelry or artwear. This bright plastic junk is forever washing up on shore at her beloved Kehoe Beach in Marin County.

    “The environmental situation is so dire, the plastic pollution is enormous, it goes back to what can I do? As one individual, where can I begin?” said Judith.

    One of Judith’s bracelets is made of discarded flip-flops. It’s all stuff we can relate to, like a bouquet of popped balloons still strung together, soon to be a necklace.

    “I hope to engage people in the idea that they can take a bag to the beach and they can pick up some plastic and make stuff of their own and that’s a way we can get the beach clean also,” she said.

    There are lots of disposable lighters out there and some may be about to light up someone’s wardrobe.

    There is no sitting around waiting for these pieces to sell. At studios, like the Donna Seager Gallery in San Rafael, this artwear is on display and selling. A bracelet is made of milk carton pull tops now selling for $45. The plastic necklace worn by the gallery owner is $300.

    “I think they get an especially big kick out of it because it looks good. I don’t think they would be so impressed if it didn’t, but it has both qualities,” said Donna Seager Liberatore.

    And Judith is now adding a twist to her trash collecting, moving from the beach, to the high seas. She has received her first shipment from the North Pacific Gyre, a massive circulating pile of plastic trash out of both sides of Hawaii. She has big plans for a fishing line and may turn it into a necklace.

    “Not only will it be a great reminder of what’s going on about ghost nets and the gyre, but I think it will also make a beautiful piece of work,” she said.

    With many more loads from the gyre to follow, a world’s worth of trash is one woman’s treasures.

    Source: ABC7 (Take a look at the video for her amazing work.)

  • Natural Vivid Pink Diamond On Sale For An Easy $5-$7 Mil

    Vivid Pink Diamond

    Vivid Pink Diamond

    I know we recently posted this but we couldn’t help to mention it again because it is such a stunning piece and we found this great image of the ring itself. Also, we wanted to offer a few options for those of you who find $5-$7 Million price tag a bit out of reach.

    Christies annual Fall Sale of Magnificent Jewels coming up this December features this stunning, natural pink diamond ring. It’s a lovely 5ct in size and goes for a cool $5-$7 million dollars. The diamond is reportedly “potentially flawless” and is the largest fancy vivid pink diamond ever offered for sale at auction. To view more details on this diamond, or to place your bid, visit Christie’s website by clicking here.

    If you’re looking for more affordable options, we suggest pink lab grown diamonds, pink moissanite, pink tourmaline, and pink sapphires.

    Custom Pink Tourmaline Ring

    Custom Pink Tourmaline Ring

    Fancy Pink Lab Created Diamond Ring

    Fancy Pink Lab Created Diamond Ring

    Pink Moissanite Engagement Ring

    Pink Moissanite Engagement Ring

    Pink Sapphire Necklace

    Pink Sapphire Necklace

    Another idea is to use pink stones as side/accent stones, like on our popular Style 4516 Specialty Ring:

    Style 4516 with natural pink sapphire side stones

    Style 4516 with natural pink sapphire side stones

  • Trump Tosses his Two Cents into a New Jewelry Line

    That’s right. Donald Trump has decided that enough celebrities have hit it big with a misplaced jewelry line…why shouldn’t he?

    According to the The Donald himself:

    “People aspire to connect with my lifestyle. A collection of fine jewelry is a natural step for my brand. This collection is aspirational, elegant, and completes the dressed for success look.”

    And let it not be said that he’s not really put poured himself into this line…literally. Several pieces of the jewelry are embossed with his name and his image. Sheesh. Highlights include a 14-karat gold ring and sterling silver cuff link boasting the Trump crest and a likeness of Donald Trump’s image.

    Though all kidding aside, the target market is men who seek branded jewelry: a niche Trump hopes to fill. So only time will tell whether jewelry sales will reach the proportion of the ego.