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Trump Tosses his Two Cents into a New Jewelry Line

That’s right. Donald Trump has decided that enough celebrities have hit it big with a misplaced jewelry line…why shouldn’t he?

According to the The Donald himself:

“People aspire to connect with my lifestyle. A collection of fine jewelry is a natural step for my brand. This collection is aspirational, elegant, and completes the dressed for success look.”

And let it not be said that he’s not really put poured himself into this line…literally. Several pieces of the jewelry are embossed with his name and his image. Sheesh. Highlights include a 14-karat gold ring and sterling silver cuff link boasting the Trump crest and a likeness of Donald Trump’s image.

Though all kidding aside, the target market is men who seek branded jewelry: a niche Trump hopes to fill. So only time will tell whether jewelry sales will reach the proportion of the ego.