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Reimagined Tennis Bracelets, the 80’s and Beyond by Alexis Bittar

Alexis Bittar brings his club history with him when he designs jewelry, reckoning back to a Depeche Mode 80’s era but with a more delicate (and creatively bold) touch.

Currently, Boston is the only one of his ten stores to stock the Fine collection ($295—$16,000), complete with dainty settings (tennis bracelets abound) and precious stones. We [Racked] took a moment to chat with Bittar about taxidermy (a signature element of his stores), the case of antiques for sale which he curated himself, and 1980s club scene influences.

Is the former 80s club kid in you represented in your now very elegant designs?

I was going to clubs at 13, and I think it was pre-MTV, there were no videos, no online. There was a real excitement to dress up. People would literally be shocked. At an early age I appreciated the impact of fashion and individuality, and I try to drive that sense of individuality into the pieces now. Middle of the road is kind of like why do it? I still try to be sellable but there’s a life force you want to drive through it.