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Custom Jewelry Designs

  • A Special Aquamarine Necklace for A Special Person

    This photo doesn’t do the necklace justice but thought I’d send it to you anyway.
    With warm wishes,
    . . . . . and, from another email:
    Yes, I am enjoying the necklace very much.   Thank you for telling me about how much this meant to you and how much you enjoyed making it.  That makes it even more special.   Peter told me that when it was made and you were showing others that they wanted to take/buy it themselves.

    Note from Joe. Every year during the holidays it seems that I have one project that I pay particular attention to, one that captures my interest more than the others. This past season it was a necklace for my dear friends Peter and Liliana. It was a lot of fun working with Peter on this piece, choosing the aquamarine, working with the wax carver, working with the goldsmith, doing all that we do to make a custom piece of jewelry. It was big fun for me partly because of whom this piece was for, as both Peter and Liliana are special to me, and partly because I got to play with one of my designs! So thank you Peter for this!

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  • A three stone ring!

    Thank you for the kind words below.  I feel like we not only picked up a nice ring, but also a distant friend.  Sometimes you never know who you’ll run into, but you seem like a great person with a wonderful energy.

    Details–well, it worked out that the ring was trapped in the ice and snow that weekend.  So, when our last day before vacation came (a Tuesday), I suggested that we go out after work and get a nice dinner.  The first place I tried to take us was this nice lake and park not too far from here, but it was dark and closed (and Judy was a little nervous about that).  So, I went to plan B–there was this beautiful Holiday Lights celebration at a park not too far from here.  3.5 miles in a warm car driving through pretty amazing displays.  Add to that it was dark, pretty lights, 2 feet of snow still on the ground and a frozen lake. Judy was really having a great time, and then when we pull up by a frozen lake, and a peacock display (which is a sign of good fortune and wealth in her culture), I surprised her with it.  She was totally shocked and then quickly said yes and was in a daze for the rest of the ride.  We then went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants which happened to have a variety of dishes from her culture (she’s Taiwanese).  It’s funny–was a total surprise for her even though we recently discussed designs.  She thought that it would have taken you guys several more weeks to do it, and was suspicious when I was mentioning how great it would be to have Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day on the same weekend (she thought I would do it then in February).  Also, I got the package without her knowing, so she didn’t have a clue.

    As I mentioned, she loves the ring.  She’s constantly playing with it and looking at it, and even just a little while ago was commenting on another little nuance that she really likes about it (the smooth progression and rounding on the band).  She comments regularly with how great of a job was done on it.

    Without torturing you any more, we’ve just taken some pictures.  They’re attached below (these are reduced in size).  I’ll send the large resolution ones in a separate email (rather large).

    Happy New Year and thanks!
    Emanuel (and Judy sends her best wishes too)

  • An Unbelievably Gorgeous Wedding!

    Hi Beth!!!
    We did it….before the storm of the Century!!!!!
    Thank you so much for all you have done to make my day special… My rings are gorgeous!!!!   You and your company are exceptional and I will highly recommend you to everyone I know.  I feel like we have become friends and I hope you can make it out to Atlantic City to visit.  You are welcome anytime!!!!
    Here are a few pixs!!!
    Congratulations and Good Luck to you in your future marriage!!!
    Thank you Again,
    Randi and Wayne
  • Anniverary Pearls

    hi Joe. Thanks so much for helping Keith with the pearls. I love them! We are celebrating our wedding anniversary early tonight. Happy new year! Greetings to Katia! Teodora

    Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

    Pearls are always a great gift, and especially on anniversaries! Today, larger Tahitian, South Sea and Chinese freshwater pearls are all the rage ranging from 9-11+mm in diameter.

    Check out our selection of Freshwater pearl necklaces ranging from 8.5-11.5mm.

  • Customer Testimonial


    The ring is awesome. Passed the mother test today. I couldn’t be happier
    with the entire process. I don’t think I’ve been more comfortable making a
    “major” purchase. You’re a true professional that will get our business
    again (wedding bands) and any referral I can find.

    Thank you again. Pic attached.


    Engagement Ring Style 276

  • Customer Testimonial


    I just wanted to tell you that i have received my “rock” and is superb, i love it and my fiancee loves it (which is the most important thing).
    I’m so glad that everything worked so smooth and i got what i was promised.
    Beth, thank you for your patience with me and for answering my mails in a professional manner. I’ll definitely buy again from Schubach Enterprises.

    Thanks a lot to all the Schubach Enterprises team.

    A very satisfied customer

  • Beverly I Channel Set Ring

    Looking forward to wearing it all weekend.  I want to thank you, Joe, very much for your  prompt service and the beautiful design you created for me.  Will be in touch when I am ready for a bracelet.  Bev

  • Custom Claddagh Engagement Ring and Testimonial!

    Custom Claddagh Engagement Ring With Wedding Band

    Custom Claddagh Engagement Ring

    I was able to pick up the rings from Fedex this afternoon, but was only able to really get a chance to look at them now. They both look spectacular! It really came out better than I could have hoped for! I think the ruby heart surrounding the pink center stone really makes a statement, and is certainly something I’ve never seen before! No one could say no to a ring like that! I also love how well the wedding band fits in with the engagement ring. It really fits together perfectly, just like they were made to. Certainly a sign of an excellent craftsman! Thank you for all your help and for putting up with me! I will be sure to tell you how and when the proposal goes down (haven’t quite decided on details just yet) but I know I will certainly be calling on you again for pieces in the future. Of that I am sure!

    Thank You so very, very much!

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  • Customer Testimonial with Photos

    I just wanted to thank you again for such OUTSTANDING service.
    My rings are beautiful and we had a great wedding day. I have attached a
    couple of pictures.

    Thanks Again,

  • Customer Testimonial and Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring Photo

    (This customer wanted a blue sapphire for the center stone.)

    Hey Beth!  It’s Paul P.  We did business a couple of months ago.  You helped me with my engagement ring and later the wedding bands for my wife and I.

    I just wanted to let you know that everything went great and we love the rings!  Thank you so much!