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Custom Jewelry Designs

  • You guys really did an outstanding job . . .

    Hey Joe –

    It arrived, and it’s really amazing. Even better in person than it looks in the pictures.  You guys really did an outstanding job on it, thanks so much.  I’m looking forward to putting it to use.


    See the steps that went into making this ring, click on the photo above.

  • IT is absolutely beautiful!! Better than i could have imagined!!

    Hi, Beth!! We received the ring today!! Thank You for getting it here on time for us!! IT is absolutely beautiful!! Better than i could have imagined!! The craftsmanship is superb! Thank you again! We will be purchasing my band here later on!! :)

  • Comments From Our International Friends

    Hi Beth

    I love my ring !

    Just wanted to let you know that I got my ring yesterday, I am sorry I was unable to e-mail you yesterday as I was doing an evening course and I was not home until late.  I am really very happy with the ring, it looks exactly as I had imagined.  I really appreciate all your efforts.

    As you can imagine it was strange at the first deciding whether or not to place an order with a company in the US, but you made the whole process very smooth and I really enjoyed communicating with you.

    Thanks again


  • “I think the diamond industry would be quaking”

    (Another great testimonial for moissanite)

    Hi Beth,
    I just wanted to let you know that I got my ring yesterday and i LOVE
    it. I was a little bit wary of the green/grey cast that folks say Moissanite
    has, but I haven’t seen it in this stone. Even in a dark room it looks so
    brilliant! Your service was great and I really could not be happier. If
    people understood how beautiful Moissanite was, I think the diamond industry
    would be quaking, unfortunately people are too sucked into the marketing of
    a diamond. Also, wanted to let you know I’ve sent my best friend CeCe
    Hernandez your way so be super nice to her! Again, thank you SO much. Your
    customer service was superior to the other sites I visited and I am truly a
    satisfied customer.


  • Moissanite Testimonial – We Couldn’t Have Said It Any Better!

    (regarding a custom moissanite engagement ring)

    Hi Beth,

    I wanted to give you an update.  I got engaged recently and my fiancee
    absolutely loves the ring.  There’s just one problem — her co-workers
    are a little jealous!  The moissanite is so sparkly and the ring looks
    a little too good.

    We decided to go to the mall to see what kind of wedding band would
    look nice with it.  In the first store we went to, the woman asked if
    she could clean the ring.  We said sure and we were both nervous that
    somehow the woman would know it wasn’t diamond and would say something
    but she didn’t say anything or seem suspicious.  At the next store,
    which even used to sell moissanite, the employee was taken aback when
    he saw the ring and said “oh, wow!”  He put a normal diamond wedding
    band next to it, but it looked dull in comparison so he steered us
    toward their most expensive wedding bands.  We took the ring to
    Tiffany’s and they asked us if it was a Tiffany Novo ring.  The only
    diamond ring we saw that could compare to the moissanite was an actual
    Hearts on Fire.  I guess it’s just the way they cut it.  Nobody had
    any idea that her ring was anything other than a very high quality
    diamond ring.

    We’re in the process of choosing a wedding band to go with it and
    we’re planning on having either pink moissanite or pink sapphire in
    it. . . .


  • A Great Proposal Photo

    Thanks again for all your help. Some of my friends have been asking why I
    went with a jeweler from across the country; it’s because when i started
    calling and emailing around about the tension-set rings, you were by far the
    most helpful, friendly, and responsive. In the end, it didn’t matter that I
    wanted to go with something completely different; I was already sold.



  • Steve and Gina’s Fabulous Proposal!

    Being in the engagement ring business, we get to hear about a lot of marriage proposals. This one is tops in our book! As one of the couple’s friends put it, “Dear god, I’m speechless. What a great story!” We couldn’t agree more.

    Of course, along with a fabulous description of the magical trip is a nice little blurb about the custom engagement that we were lucky enough to help with, along with some really great photos. So, we have to boast a little bit here and showcase not only a fab proposal but some of our handy work. Thanks for the pics of the finished piece, Steve and Gina, they turned out way better than anything we could ever have come up with in our little studio! Have a look at this magical experience for yourself here.

    An excerpt from the post:
    <<A few details about the ring since I know some of you are curious… Gina really wanted a split shank so that was a must. We looked at many rings over the past year and ended up with a few specific settings that were her favorites. In the end, I decided to take those designs and have her ring custom made to incorporate all the elements she liked best. She absolutely loves how it turned out and I do too, so hats off to the jeweler!>>

    Ok, so we have to throw in a few pics of the custom process, just to help anyone out there thinking of doing this themselves. As Steve put it, they combined features of several pieces to make something truly unique and special to them.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to help you with your ring, Steve and Gina, it was a lot of fun for us as well! And congratulations to you both!

    Update from Joe: Here’s one of the best wedding videos we’ve seen. You two keep outdoing yourselves!

  • Om mani padme hum pendants

    Hey Joe,
    This is L’s girlfriend. I wanted to personally thank you for the chain. It’s perfect and is honestly the best birthday present I’ve ever received!
    Thank you again and hopefully Leon can do more business with you in the future :)
    Best Regards,
    Note from Joe: Thanks guys! This is a personal favorite of mine. I got one for my girl several years ago, which is how it ended up on the site, and several of our friends now have them. I particularly like the style of our om necklace, with or without the bling (my girl’s has bling, BTW). Here’s to many years of enjoying this great piece!

    Simple Gold Om Necklace

    Simple Gold Om Necklace

    Om Pendant with Single Diamond

    Om Pendant with Single Diamond

    Om Pendant With Pave Set Diamonds

    Om Pendant With Pave Set Diamonds

  • Loose Moissanite Stones

    I received my stones last Friday, they are beautiful. I just wanted to say thanks for the great service I experienced with you. I am planning to get more loose stones in the future and I know where to get them! :)
    Thank you…V. T.

  • Francesca’s New/Old 50th Anniversary Custom Wedding Ring

    Our long time friend Francesca came to us to make a custom 18kt yellow gold wedding band for her and her husband Leo’s 50th wedding anniversary. She wanted an old world feel, something that looks used and worn, something heavy that feels nice to the touch and smooth to wear. Fran liked the way a pair of her earrings looked and thought they could be the inspiration for the piece that would signify their special day.

    The wedding band in the image with the earrings was the original wedding ring that Fran’s father gave to her mother. This piece, of course, is extremely sentimental to Fran and her family. We can only hope that the ring we made for Fran will someday have a similar meaning to her family.

    Have you thought of a family heirloom that you would like to create? If so, we would be honored to help you with this!