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Steve and Gina’s Fabulous Proposal!

Being in the engagement ring business, we get to hear about a lot of marriage proposals. This one is tops in our book! As one of the couple’s friends put it, “Dear god, I’m speechless. What a great story!” We couldn’t agree more.

Of course, along with a fabulous description of the magical trip is a nice little blurb about the custom engagement that we were lucky enough to help with, along with some really great photos. So, we have to boast a little bit here and showcase not only a fab proposal but some of our handy work. Thanks for the pics of the finished piece, Steve and Gina, they turned out way better than anything we could ever have come up with in our little studio! Have a look at this magical experience for yourself here.

An excerpt from the post:
<<A few details about the ring since I know some of you are curious… Gina really wanted a split shank so that was a must. We looked at many rings over the past year and ended up with a few specific settings that were her favorites. In the end, I decided to take those designs and have her ring custom made to incorporate all the elements she liked best. She absolutely loves how it turned out and I do too, so hats off to the jeweler!>>

Ok, so we have to throw in a few pics of the custom process, just to help anyone out there thinking of doing this themselves. As Steve put it, they combined features of several pieces to make something truly unique and special to them.

Thanks again for the opportunity to help you with your ring, Steve and Gina, it was a lot of fun for us as well! And congratulations to you both!

Update from Joe: Here’s one of the best wedding videos we’ve seen. You two keep outdoing yourselves!