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The Classic Power of a Three Stone Engagement Ring (2020 Jewelry Trend)

Did you fall in love with this Radiance Antique Asscher Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring we recently posted on Pinterest? We did too!

We can create a three-stone engagement ring just like it for you. But first, read about the eternal popularity of the trilogy setting. Is it the right setting for you?

Don’t need the backstory? Contact us so we can make a three-stone ring like this appear on your hand in no time!

The Power of the Three Stone Engagement Ring Setting

Some call it the Meghan Markle effect, but here at our Scottsdale studio, we’ve seen three-stone engagement rings trending for quite a while now. The trilogy setting is a classic setting after all, symbolically representing the eternal nature of love (past, present, future). Three stones can also represent friendship, love and fidelity. This highly customizable ring means you decide what each stone symbolizes. You can also experiment more freely with colored gems, mixing and matching as you see fit.

The size of each gemstone is also a personal and creative choice when custom designing a three-stone engagement ring. As you’ll see from the gallery of rings below, the 1st and 3rd gemstone may be smaller and serve to enhance the center stone. Or each gemstone may be a similar size, where each gem shares the “center stage.”

Markle’s ring showcased a cushion cut diamond with two round diamonds flanking it. But the possible combinations are endless, really. Check out the videos below. Note the total effect as the ring rotates, the visual story it creates. The beauty of custom designing your engagement ring? You create the story and we build it for you!

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