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Choosing the Right Setting for your Ring

The setting for your ring is the foundation of your piece. It’s an often overlooked aspect when choosing a ring but its as personal of a decision as the stone itself. Many factors come into play, such as your lifestyle and the cut of the gem itself.

There are basically three types of setting:

The Prong Setting

The prong engagement ring setting is a traditional ring setting that dates back to the early 1900’s. It’s a “basket” setting that holds you stone via prongs. This setting allows light to approach the stone from more angles, adding to the sparkle of your piece.

The Flush Setting

The flush setting is a more modern ring
setting. A tapered hole is made within the band for the
stone to reside. When done correctly, the stones are secured in an embedded manner into the ring. This is often a good choice for an active lifestyle.

The Cluster Setting

This engagement ring setting is good for those
on a limited budget. With the cluster setting you can take many
small stones and make them look like one single large stone. You can use this setting to arrange gemstones into a shape of your choice.

Again, lifestyle factors come into play when deciding the setting for your ring. If you’re using your hands a lot throughout the day, then a secure setting for your ring becomes critical. You want to go through your day confidently, without the fear of damaging your ring. The setting of your ring needs to stand up to your day-to-day needs.


Traditional Prong Setting

         Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring With Diamonds

cut engagement ring with .08 ct t.w. round brilliant diamonds set around
four prong head.