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The Magical Benefits of Tension Set Rings

Remember the magician who seemed to be possess the ability to suspend a person in midair? Magical, right?

There’s a dose of magic in tension set rings that makes people “ooh” and “ahh.” But more than that, tension set rings showcase the gem of the ring, as if a spotlight were directly on it. Modernistic and sleek, tension set rings are meant for those who like a daring approach to life and fashion.

For those concerned about losing the gem, these unique settings are as safe or safer than four-prong settings. Our tension-set rings are supplied by GelinAbaci who, with more than 10,000 rings sold, report no known diamond losses. At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we guarantee your tension setting will stay in place.

About our Supplier:

GelinAbaci is not only our single-source supplier of tension-set diamond and moissanite engagement rings, but the premier designer of tension jewelry in the United States. And with more than a combined total of 50 years in the jewelry business, Gabriel Gelin and Sam Abaci create some of the most beautiful tension-set rings available.

When you purchase tension-set rings from Joseph Schubach Jewelers, you can buy with confidence. That’s because rings each ring from GelinAbaci is backed by The Schubach Guarantee.

Learn more about creating a custom tension setting, or shop our collection of ready-to-order tension-set moissanite engagement rings.

Here are a few samples from our collection:

Style 102102

Bypass Tension Set Engagement Ring

102102-GelinAbachi-tension-set-TR-025A_DENSE.jpgStarting from $2,430.00

Style 102103

Tension Set Engagement Ring

102103-GelinAbachi-tension-set-TR-039A_DENSE.jpgStarting from $2,365.00

Style 102104

Tension Set Engagement Ring

102104-GelinAbachi-tension-set-TR-040A_DENSE.jpgStarting from $2,365.00

Style 102105

Princess Cut Tension Set Engagement Ring

102105-GelinAbachi-tension-set-TR-117A_DENSE.jpgStarting from $2,589.00

Style 102106

Tension Set Engagement Ring With Diamond Side Stones

102106-GelinAbachi-tension-set-TR-129A_DENSE.jpgStarting from $4,500.00

Style 102107

Tension Set Engagement Ring With Channel Set Diamond Side Stones

102107-GelinAbachi-tension-set-TR-145A_DENSE.jpgStarting from $4,050.00

Style 102108

Tension Set Engagement Ring With Round Diamond Side Stones

102108-GelinAbachi-tension-set-TR-160A_DENSE.jpgStarting from $3,489.00

Style 102109

Tension Set Engagement Ring With Round Diamond Side Stones

102109-GelinAbachi-tension-set-TR-164A_DENSE.jpgStarting from $3,150.00

Style 102110

Tension Set Engagement Ring With Channel Set Round Diamond Side Stones


Starting from $2,815.00