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The Modernity of Tension Rings

Tension rings possess a unique look and offer certain advantages that other rings don’t. For the very active spouse-to-be, the tension ring assures that your stone will most likely stay put because the way the ring is designed.

Tension rings are also chic and have a certain contemporary feel for people who prefer that style.

Here’s what one expert has to say:

Tension Rings

For a more modern twist on the engagement ring, consider a tension ring. Instead of being held in place by clasps and prongs, these elegant alternatives stay in place by the sheer pressure of each end of the ring.

Nothing says they have to be diamond, either. Why not consider getting your birth stone in it, instead, or another gem that means something to you and your betrothed? Because of the high tension involved, however, you will need to make sure your jewel can withstand the pressure, or it might need to be attached with hidden prongs or fasteners for a faux-tension look.

Such a classy look comes with a high price tag, however. Your tension ring will need to be custom made, partly because everyone’s tension levels will differ, but mostly because you need a perfect fit. Because of the physics involved, you’re never going to be able to resize a tension ring without destroying the band.

Our Gallery of Joseph Schubach Jeweler’s Tension Rings.

Style 9500M

Tension Set Round Moissanite Engagement Ring With Diamonds

Tension set ring with .51ct t.w. round diamonds (setting only, does not include center stone)