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  • Custom Channel Set Princess Cut Engagement Ring – Surround-a-Sparkle

    There are different ways to view an engagement ring. Many simply look at the ring from one angle only – from the top down. Others appreciate the full circular experience of a ring. They want it to look amazing from all angles…we so get it!

    Custom Channel Set Princess Cut Engagement Ring

    Why choose a channel set engagement ring? Circular sparkle, of course. This recent custom design ring not only dazzles on all sides but the princess cut maximizes the rough cut diamond (and is also more affordable than round brilliant diamonds). A channel set ring also provides clean lines that accentuate the cut of the stone.

    Do you have a channel set engagement ring in mind? Or how about a princess cut ring? Let’s chat.

    Custom design…as unique as your love.

  • Radiance® Old European Cut Pink Sapphire Necklace ~ Custom Design

    “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.” – Lilly Pulitzer

    We are so pleased to share our Scottsdale Solitaire in the form of a stunning new custom design pendant. The rose gold chain brings out the subtler hues in the pink sapphire, making the entirety of the piece feel romantic and warm.

    We love working on custom design pendants even though we’re known for our engagement rings. If you’re in search of a dreamy pink pendant like this, contact us.

  • The Classic Power of a Three Stone Engagement Ring (2020 Jewelry Trend)

    Did you fall in love with this Radiance Antique Asscher Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring we recently posted on Pinterest? We did too!

    We can create a three-stone engagement ring just like it for you. But first, read about the eternal popularity of the trilogy setting. Is it the right setting for you?

    Don’t need the backstory? Contact us so we can make a three-stone ring like this appear on your hand in no time!

    The Power of the Three Stone Engagement Ring Setting

    Some call it the Meghan Markle effect, but here at our Scottsdale studio, we’ve seen three-stone engagement rings trending for quite a while now. The trilogy setting is a classic setting after all, symbolically representing the eternal nature of love (past, present, future). Three stones can also represent friendship, love and fidelity. This highly customizable ring means you decide what each stone symbolizes. You can also experiment more freely with colored gems, mixing and matching as you see fit.

    The size of each gemstone is also a personal and creative choice when custom designing a three-stone engagement ring. As you’ll see from the gallery of rings below, the 1st and 3rd gemstone may be smaller and serve to enhance the center stone. Or each gemstone may be a similar size, where each gem shares the “center stage.”

    Markle’s ring showcased a cushion cut diamond with two round diamonds flanking it. But the possible combinations are endless, really. Check out the videos below. Note the total effect as the ring rotates, the visual story it creates. The beauty of custom designing your engagement ring? You create the story and we build it for you!

    Check out our three stone anniversary band page for more inspiration.


  • Strawberry Pink Engagement Rings – Custom Design Romance

    What do you think when you think pink?

    Most people conjure up images of romance, femininity and all things sweet, like the inside of a strawberry or the blushing of a cheek. The color pink is so distinctly likable, its becoming a popular gemstone choice for more and more brides. Expect the trend to continue in 2020, especially since lab-grown colored gemstones continue to trend.

    Pink lovers tend to love all things romantic and feminine. They prefer summer over winter. They look romantic movies over action flicks. They believe in the power of love and like to wear it proudly. Lovers of pink also like to keep up with trends while not losing an attachment to the past (read: vintage lovers).

    Below is one of our strawberry Radiance gemstones waiting for its home in a custom design engagement ring. Expertly and lovingly cut by our Scottsdale team.

  • Radiance® Yellow Sapphire Gem, Antique Pear Cut – Custom Design

    If you’re looking for a bright-as-sunshine engagement ring, our Radiance Lemon Yellow Sapphire Gems are a perfect match for you. Expertly cut by our Scottsdale team, these gems have the durability of moissanite and the beauty of the most beautiful colored sapphires on the market.

    Contact us if you’re looking for a colored sapphire, perfectly poised for your engagement ring.

  • Radiance® Antique Pear Cut Sapphire in Peach

    Our Radiance® gems are exclusively and expertly cut by our Scottsdale, AZ team of jewelers. This latest custom design “darling” displays a classic antique pear cut Radiance sapphire in a unique peach shade. Romantic and truly special.

    More and more brides are choosing colored gems as the centerpiece for their engagement ring. And we love it. When working with custom design, colored gems are infused with a visual dazzle and magic that’s unmistakeable. Each shade truly has a personality of its own.

    In this case, this pear cut Radiance sapphire appears like a shade of morganite (but with the durability of moissanite).

    Interested in a colored gem for your custom design engagement ring? Let our seasoned and inspired team take care of it. Contact us directly if you’re interested in working with the wonders of Radiance!

  • Natural Fancy Intense Yellow Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, 18kt Yellow Gold

    Our team is just beaming with pride over this recent custom design sparkler. This design is a distinctly opulent ring with a Natural Fancy Intense Yellow Oval Diamond as the masterful centerpiece.


    Natural Fancy Intense Yellow (Canary Yellow) Oval Diamond Halo in 18kt Yellow Gold



    Get Your Dream Ring!


    If you can dream it, we can design it. Send us your idea, whether its an image you found online or a picture floating around in your mind.

    Looking for a blingy ring but don’t want to break the bank? Think again! Whatever your budget, we can suggest eco-friendly, affordable metals and gems to bring your dream ring to life.

    We specialize in custom design that goes that extra mile, ensuring that every detail is just right. Simply contact us and we’ll guide you along the way.


    Your love is one-of-a-kind. Shouldn’t your engagement ring be too? 



  • Natural Yellow Princess Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring

    Our custom designs are a collaborative process with the customer input guiding the way. This design is a distinctive, opulent ring with 5.85ct Natural Yellow Princess Cut Sapphire as the masterful centerpiece.

    If you’re looking for a custom design piece like this, let’s talk. We’ve been bringing jewelry dreams to life for over 100 years, specializing in high end custom design that truly matches the heart and soul of the wearer.

  • Custom Design Leaf Engagement Ring

    We’re super pleased about this recent custom design engagement ring. Yellow gold married with an intricate leaf design and a simply dazzling center stone. If this ring interests you, reach out to us so we can create a piece that suits your needs.

    What’s the Custom Design Process Like?

    Having a piece of jewelry custom made is a lot of fun and our goal is to make sure you get exactly what you envision. I’m involved with every part of the custom design process, from the initial idea to the design to the final stunning piece, making sure that every detail is in place.

    From engagement rings to wedding bands to necklaces to earrings, we’ve custommade them all with precision and care.

    You can take an idea from designer brands, antique or vintage pieces or a design on Pinterest and build upon it, making an inspired piece that’s uniquely you.

    Custom Design Engagement Ring
    Custom Design Leaf Engagement Ring - Setting
  • Trending in Custom Design – Stainless Steel Jewelry

    On the heels of finishing yet another stainless steel custom jewelry ring design, we must say: we’re impressed with the dazzling end result. The metal is white in appearance which adds a level of urban appeal and vividness.

    Stainless steel in custom design offers several other benefits:

    Affordability. This modest metal is more affordable than gold or silver yet ultra durable.

    Easy maintenance. Stainless steel is a hardy metal and doesn’t require careful attention, like gold or silver. It also outperforms gold or silver when it comes to durability. It’s a powerful alloy that can withstand serious wear and tear. This ultimately means a bigger return of investment.

    Allergy-free. More people are becoming aware of metal allergies. Luckily stainless steel is hypoallergenic and extremely safe to wear.

    According to WGSN (Worth Global Style Network), this modest metal is gaining popularity through “industrial beauty” and “post-nature” designs.

    Stainless Steel Ring with Diamonds