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Trending in Custom Design – Stainless Steel Jewelry

On the heels of finishing yet another stainless steel custom jewelry ring design, we must say: we’re impressed with the dazzling end result. The metal is white in appearance which adds a level of urban appeal and vividness.

Stainless steel in custom design offers several other benefits:

Affordability. This modest metal is more affordable than gold or silver yet ultra durable.

Easy maintenance. Stainless steel is a hardy metal and doesn’t require careful attention, like gold or silver. It also outperforms gold or silver when it comes to durability. It’s a powerful alloy that can withstand serious wear and tear. This ultimately means a bigger return of investment.

Allergy-free. More people are becoming aware of metal allergies. Luckily stainless steel is hypoallergenic and extremely safe to wear.

According to WGSN (Worth Global Style Network), this modest metal is gaining popularity through “industrial beauty” and “post-nature” designs.

Stainless Steel Ring with Diamonds