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Silver Jewelry Spans Generations and Geography

(above. Naturally occurring “wire silver”, with branching and curling wire-like shapes.)

Silver is one of the most beloved and versatile metals worldwide and it has been for some time. Silver is never out of fashion and it’s often quite affordable, especially during tough economic times.

The amazing value of silver jewelry has persisted throughout the ages, proving its versatility by adapting to the changing styles and trends of time. Used in tribal ceremonies, eastern and western religions, and department store malls, silver jewelry around the world continues to be a popular choice.

The history of silver jewelry is just as alluring as its beautiful, light-reflecting qualities. Even before 4000 BC, this valuable metal was discovered and mined in Anatolia, known today as Turkey. The groups of people developing in that part of the world began to use and trade items made of silver, and as time passed the metal was mined more intensely.

From these silver mining beginnings, the central hub for extensive silver mining changed from culture to culture, as new improvements and demands developed. At different points in time, China, Greece, and Spain all became main suppliers of silver, sending their silver jewelry around the world.

Today, the statistics show that Mexica and Peru produce the most silver. Mexico in particular supposedly mines 1/5 of all the world’s silver! New and enhanced methods for mining and refining silver have been introduced over the years, and today we have several varieties of silver jewelry with differing levels of durability and shine.

Pure silver jewelry tarnishes easily, so a new 92.5 % silver metal alloy, called sterling silver, is mixed with nickel, copper, or zinc, to keep the pure shine of silver in a durable, longer lasting manner.


Create your own silver jewelry with the help of our custom design team. Whether it’s a piece you saw on a celebrity or reminiscent of a family heirloom, we can bring your jewelry dream to life. Here are some samples, to whet your appetite. The last two pieces are for men (the dogtag is making a real comeback – great holiday gift for your guy!):