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Strawberry Pink Engagement Rings – Custom Design Romance

What do you think when you think pink?

Most people conjure up images of romance, femininity and all things sweet, like the inside of a strawberry or the blushing of a cheek. The color pink is so distinctly likable, its becoming a popular gemstone choice for more and more brides. Expect the trend to continue in 2020, especially since lab-grown colored gemstones continue to trend.

Pink lovers tend to love all things romantic and feminine. They prefer summer over winter. They look romantic movies over action flicks. They believe in the power of love and like to wear it proudly. Lovers of pink also like to keep up with trends while not losing an attachment to the past (read: vintage lovers).

Below is one of our strawberry Radiance gemstones waiting for its home in a custom design engagement ring. Expertly and lovingly cut by our Scottsdale team.