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Radiance® Antique Pear Cut Sapphire in Peach

Our Radiance® gems are exclusively and expertly cut by our Scottsdale, AZ team of jewelers. This latest custom design “darling” displays a classic antique pear cut Radiance sapphire in a unique peach shade. Romantic and truly special.

More and more brides are choosing colored gems as the centerpiece for their engagement ring. And we love it. When working with custom design, colored gems are infused with a visual dazzle and magic that’s unmistakeable. Each shade truly has a personality of its own.

In this case, this pear cut Radiance sapphire appears like a shade of morganite (but with the durability of moissanite).

Interested in a colored gem for your custom design engagement ring? Let our seasoned and inspired team take care of it. Contact us directly if you’re interested in working with the wonders of Radiance!