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Old Cut Diamonds and Other Vintage Cuts – Recapturing the Gem’s Classic Beauty

If you were to ask me what I’m the most proud of when it comes to our custom design work, the answer lies in our cuts. We pride ourselves in exacting cuts that bring out the best in the gem. Take our antique cuts where we go a step beyond the rest, delving into history and bringing new world techniques to the process.

What are old cut gems?

Old Mine Cut gems were cut before the 18th Century. Old cut is also referred to as Victorian Cut. The term “old cut” refers to antique gem cuts that lack in the precision of modern cut gems. Old cut gems can appear thicker and lacking in the sparkle of its modern-day counterpart.

So why would you want an older cut if its not cut as well and lacks in sparkle?

Because old cut gemstones hold history within them, harkening back to a bygone era where craftspeople (just like our Scottsdale team) cut and designed the best they could with the tools of the time.

Some also prefer the chunky, rustic look of older cut gems. It’s a matter of preference, not right or wrong. We believe that every cut has its inherent beauty, which is why they’ve withstood the test of time.

Features of old cut diamonds include:

Small table facets – a tall, small table facet on the top of the gem.

Deeper proportions – gems appear thicker than modern round gemstones.

A polished culet – The bottom facet of the underside is flat and polished.

Examples of Vintage Cuts:

  • Antique Cushion Cut Diamond
  • Rose Cut Diamond
  • Old European Cut Diamond
  • Old Mine Cut Diamond
  • Antique Emerald Cut Diamond
  • Asscher Cut Diamond

A Few Examples of our Vintage Cuts:

Scroll solitaire with bezel set Radiance® Old European Cut OEC
Radiance® champagne antique emerald cut

Radiance® OMC blue sapphire_8820
Radiance® Antique Pear Lab Grown Diamond
Radiance® Antique Oval Lab Grown Diamond