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Your unexpected thoughtfulness touched my heart.

Hi Beth,
Your unexpected thoughtfulness touched my heart. My name’s V., you assisted my now-fiance M. in picking and delivering my dream ring. He gave me the ring earlier this week. I hold it up to look at it every other minute or so! I ADORE IT!! Its simple, it glitters, its feminine and comfortable. Actually we both love it, and M. is definitely pleased knowing that the hunt is over, no more bald spots from tearing his hair out(totally kidding). No easy task, website after website. Completely pleased with himself he told me about his search. He was going to take all the credit but he humbly confessed how utterly simple you made it for him. He mentioned how patient you were with him as he rambled on about the ring in his head vs the hundreds of rings he had seen. Thank you for going above and beyond. Thank you for guiding him and making him feel valued even with the limited budget you provided so many options. We look forward to continue to do business with you when we buy the bands as well as upgrade the center stone ;)

Very Sincerely,