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Customer Testimonials

  • Customer Service, Down to an Art

    There are a plethora of jewelry websites out there from which to choose. Almost too many! How do you know where to begin?

    At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we're not trying to keep up with the numbers race. We just try to deliver the same exacting, high-quality service we've been providing for decades and decades.

    Take a look at a recent customer letter:

    Dear Joe:

    The ring is absolutely perfect! I can't even describe how happy I am with it. It exceeded my expectations by a mile and I get such a good feeling when I look at it. Thank you and everyone who was involved in making this ring and thanks for coming through for me and Minh!

    I want you to know that you have won a loyal customer. I will for sure be a repeat buyer and will never hesitate to relay how well you took care of me. To me, the true test of customer service comes when things need to be addressed and when there are problems that arise. You have turned this experience into a success without a doubt. Thanks not only for making everything right but for listening to me and making the effort. I knew the first time that I talked to you that you were sincere and really cared and that's why I felt like I could give you guys the chances to make it right and I am so happy I did!

    I could go on and on gushing about it, but I just will say thank you one more time and hope I have expressed how much I mean that and how much I am thrilled with the service and the ring itself. Please make sure everyone who helped knows how happy I am with it too. It is beautiful.


    Eli Rubin

    PS Please feel free to print any part of this email on your site. I would be happy to write a testimonial for you guys as well, just let me know!

  • A Surprise Wedding for Kristina

    Here at Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we witness a fair amount of moving engagement stories. Each one is like a thumb print, distinctly individual.

    Our friend and client Kristina shared with us her special story that we'd like to, in turn, share with you. We worked on her ring, a family heirloom of Kristina's that was in need of some TLC (pictured below.) That ring became part of a rather sudden wedding ceremony that, ironically, her and her husband had been planning for years:

    Dear Friends:
    Many of you know about the history of our LONG engagement due to the car accident, attempt in Vegas, busy schedules, one bizarre intervention or another, etc. So I wanted to provide you all with the latest up date.
    It was a HUGE surprise to me as well.
    Brent decided he would "take me to lunch" since he hasn't seen me very much over the past 2 weeks due to our work schedules (scary when we live in a the same house!) We have been trying for 3 1/2 yrs and have had 4 marriage licenses (they expire after 90 days) and countless event location rescheules all due to our crazy schedules.
    SO, he kidnapped me (so to speak). I told him I only had 30 minutes because of all the fires with a client's risk/payment issues and the program shutdown. So he asked that I dress nice (business casual) we picked up our friend who is a minister, and then his best friend who was the best man. I was busy on the phone and working and didn't realize everyone had on suits until his best friend brought out his mega camera with tripod. At that point, I asked WHAT THE HECK is going on?? Are we doing lunch? I need to get back to the office. 

    That is when, Brent told me were going to get our marriage license (again) and we were getting married TODAY, one way or another. So I was speechless. The only thing I could say was okay then, since this will take a while, we need to go back to the house so I can grab my laptop so I can work on this client's issue until we get ready to tie the knot.

    After we got our license, with the minister and the best man as witnesses, we went back home so I could grab my laptop and change into a nice ivory suit then we were off to the NC Museum of Art. We married on their lawn in front of the sculptures there. The most appropriate sculpture was the "3 Rings of Life" (gigantic iron rings coming up out of the ground) Great symbolism – the rings behind us as a backdrop while we said our vows and the rings on our fingers. Kinda cool.

    We are planning to have the "big shin dig" which everyone will be invited to! Hopefully it won't take us 3-4 yrs. to make it happen.

     Here ya go.. proof this is not a mirage/hoax… it truly did happen:


    Brent and Kris'…ngs 2.26.09

    Brent and Kris_… up_2.26.09
    Brent an_…ISS_2.26.09

  • How to Create the Perfect Oscar Party


    The Oscars are this Sunday and if you're not walking down the red carpet, you can at least act as if! Watch our celebrity customer, Kimberly Yee, as she imparts some great Oscar Party advice, guaranteed to win you an award (or at least an exuberant thank-you!)

    And here's an award-worthy piece of Joseph Schubach Jewelry, our Custom Crown Band:

  • A Rose by any other Name – a Proposal Story

    Joseph Schubach Jewelers is home to a million romantic stories. We get to know our customers on an intimate basis and we enjoy the many touching love stories we hear.

    Here's a recent one from Charles F., whom Sherry Sheridan, a very experienced and prized staff member of ours, had the pleasure of helping:

    Years ago, I took my girlfriend to have dinner at a swanky hotel restaurant for Valentine's Day. We were seated near the romantic warmth and crackling of a fireplace. While eating dinner, the waiter switched out the vase of roses at the table with another, saying: "Since these are so close to the fire, we have to rotate them out or they will dry up."

    My girlfriend thought nothing of it since we were at a nice place, but I was impressed…not by the care and attention being given to the roses, but because I thought that was a very clever line the waiter made up.

    Little did she know that when I had excused myself to go wash my hands, I had also made a detour to the concierge desk. I explained to the concierge that I had a rose-shaped ring holder with an engagement ring inside and that I was hoping she could arrange to have it placed on the table during dinner.

    After dinner, I asked her if the roses looked unusual to her. She noticed that one did not appear to be real. I reached into the arrangement, pulled that one out and opened it up. Since this was a formal proposal, the situation called for me to get on one knee and ask her if she'd marry me while presenting this token of my affection. I noticed that her eyes had opened wide and her smile even wider, signifying to me that I had chosen well. She nodded and said yes. We removed the ring from the rose and placed it on her finger.

    I suddenly became aware that the entire restaurant had been watching when it seems everyone in the place started applauding. I was totally embarrassed at this public seal of approval, turning to wave at everyone while blushing a deep red I am sure. Shortly thereafter, the head chef came out and congratulated us on our engagement.

    Truly a magical evening….

      Charles F.

    Below, one of our most prized custom made diamond engagement rings:

  • Superstar Employee, Beth Nicastro

     Beth Nicastro

    The team at Schubach Jewelers is a tight-knit group, happily doing what they do best: selling quality jewelry to discriminating customers. Today, we're showcasing Ms. Beth Nicastro, who's been with Schubach Jewelers since 2004. 

    In her own words:

    "My favorite projects are the custom designs," she says. "I love it when a customer sends us a photo out of a magazine or a drawing from their imagination and we bring it to life."
    And here's what one customer had to say:

    Hi Joe,


    I just wanted to let you know I have been working with Beth on my ring order for the last month and she has exhibited the greatest level of customer service I have come across at any company.  I have changed orders, returned rings and she has helped me finally find exactly what I have been looking for in a ring.


    She is always polite and willing to help and has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  She is a great asset to have at your company.  As a small business owner myself, I know how difficult it can be to find quality employees and Beth has gone above and beyond to help me with finding a ring.


    You have a great website and great customer service.  




    Call Joseph Schubach Jewelers today if you have a dream piece of jewelry you want custom designed, such as this artful piece:


     Joseph Schubach Jeweler's Custom Pave Diamond Weddding Band

  • Custom Jewelry Designs – Another Customer Testimonial

    We always love to hear back from our customers, especially when we do a good job! Here is a custom design ring we made using black diamonds and ??? (we can't say what else)! This particular ring involved making a computer rendering first (CAD) which the customer was able to approve before hand. Enjoy!
    Custom-jewelry-designs-black-diamonds1 Custom-jewelry-designs-black-diamonds2

    "Hello, thank you for the ring, sorry it took so long to get back
    with you  but i just wanted to say Annah loves the ring and she wears
    it with pride everyday. It turned out better than we hoped and everyone
    she talkes to about it wants to know more about it; nobody expects it
    to not be a real diamond. so great job on the ring and keep up the good

    Greg T.
  • Another Customer Testimonial – With Live Action Photo

    Cecily ring
    A customer of ours just sent this snazzy picture showing how she sports her custom made princess cut moissanite ring that we recently created for her. And, she happened to throw in a few accolades in her email that we couldn't resist posting on our blog (with her permission, of course). We're all kind of blushing over here. . . . . .

    But wait, haven't we seen this ring before? Oh yes, it was an entry on our Custom Jewelry Design Contest: (click here)

    Anyway, here's the good stuff! Thanks Cecily, we are so happy you love your ring and thanks for the kind words!!!! Cheers!

    "Hi Sherry !

    I am enjoying my ring ! I get a lot of compliments on it . I am soooo
    satisfied with every aspect of my experience with having my ring
    custom made by you ! Most of all , very happy with the outcome !

    Thank you !


    PS. Here's a pic of the ring"

  • Customer Testimonial: Moissanite vs CZ (cubic zirconia)

    We had a customer inquiry today that we thought was very interesting. The customer is looking into replacing the center stone in a ring they already have. We thought the comments on moissanite vs. CZ (cubic zirconia) were compelling. We couldn’t have said it better!

    <<I know at this time i can’t afford a diamond center stone. I already
    have a moissanite necklace and i love it. I’m tired of cz’s that i have
    to change very year because of the everyday wear and tear. My ring is
    18k 1kt princess/round diamonds, but my center stone is cz. I’m ready
    for a new ring or a moissanite centerstone.>>

  • Recent Customer Testimonial

    Just wanted to let you know I received my new ring safe and
    sound and it looks even better in person. I wanted to thank you guys
    for the great service and specially for the little touches, like the
    grow-a-ring, I thought it was so funny, also for the hand written note
    on my receipt, you guys were great and I will be shopping there again
    and recommending your site.

  • Another Happy Camper! Custom Palladium Wedding Band


    Hi Beth,
    It’s here and it’s perfect and I love it!!!!!
    Can’t believe how quickly it came, wasn’t expecting it until next week so was a lovely surprise.
    Just want to say a massive thankyou again all
    your help and please pass on a HUGE thankyou to your goldsmith for
    doing such an amazing job.
    I’ve attached some pics so you can see how well they go together, exactly how I imagined and hoped them to be!
    Thanks again from the happiest (and sparkliest!) bride in the world,