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Customer Testimonials

  • Boogying Down The Isle

    Ran across this great video of Jill and Kevin’s wedding. Looks like they had a lot of fun dancing down the isle! Check it out.

    And, they have been gracious enough to use the publicity they’ve generated with this video to support the Sheila Wellstone Institute to help stop domestic violence. Check out their website.

  • Semi-Custom Jewelry Design

    Example of a Semi-Custom Ring

    This is a great example of how you can take a standard, stock item and customize it to make an affordable, completely unique, one of a kind item just for you.

    Our client came to us with a design idea they found. The original design had an antique style with a pink center stone, pave set side diamonds and rose gold accents. It is made from a white metal, probably platinum. Our customer wanted a ring created that incorporated these main elements – and fit into his budget.

    Now we’re not certain what the inspirational ring cost but by looking at the size of the baguette side diamonds alone, we figure it must be well into the tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a beautiful piece but more than likely a little out of range for most people.

    This is where our semi-custom jewelry design fits in. We were able to take a standard, stock item and customize it to give the look and feel of our customer’s original idea and fit it into his budget.

    For this piece we started with a 14kt white gold casting. We set moissanite stones down the sides of the shank and small diamonds on the halo surrounding the center stone. The white gold prongs were replaced with rose gold prongs. We then opened up the side gallery slightly and added rose gold filigree scrolls for a subtle two tone accent.  To finish the piece, we set a cushion cut lab grown pink sapphire as the main, center stone.

    As for the final verdict from the customer?

    “Hi Joe, thanks very much for the fantastic job on Cher’s ring.  She absolutely loves it!!!!”

    Music to our ears!

    Customer Design Idea
    Create a ring with an antique style, pave set side diamonds, a pink center stone and rose gold accents.

    The Original Design Idean

    Inspiration for the Original Design Idea

    The Stock Ring We Started With

    Semi Finished Casting

    The Finished Piece

    The Finished Design

  • Joseph Schubach Jewelers makes Happy Global Customers

    At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we pride ourselves in our local community of Scottsdale, Arizona. But of course, we’re an Internet-based business as well, which gives us the opportunity to make global connections.

    Take Diane and Simon from France, who ordered two stunning sapphire rings from us:

    Dear Beth:

    Just a short note to let you know that our rings have arrived safely. We are absolutely thrilled with them. Simon’s ring is unique, elegant, discreet and fits perfectly (of course!) My ring is stunning and the blue colour of the sapphire is amazing. I would never have thought it possible to create something so beautiful. The white moissanite set the sapphire off perfectly. So, we are both extremely happy and send our thanks to you and your team for creating such beautiful jewellery. With our best wishes!

    ~ Diane & Simon


  • Special Orders don’t Upset Us

    We’ve had a long-standing, loyal list of customers that dates way back – sometimes generations.  With each repeat client, we’ve gone through engagements, marriages, graduations, anniversaries, holidays….the works!

    People have come to rely on our high level of customer service and our custom design work that goes above and beyond.

    Here’s another pleased client:

    Hello Beth,

    I know you were looking for pictures of the beautiful ring that you made for me, thanks to Paul, the wonderful man I’m going to marry. The pics are attached, and I wanted to personally thank you so much! My ring is exquisite and it looks even more beautiful than I thought it would! I’m thrilled with it!

    Now, Paul and I are looking for wedding rings but we’ve hit a snag. I have a particular design in mind and it’s going to be a tough one, I fear.

    If you start with your Style 6908WB, we’d like to make certain changes. We love the tri-gold twist along the center of the band, but we’d like the white gold on the inside of the band instead of the yellow. Also, the width would need to be no more than 4mm for my ring.

    Is this a possibility??

    Thanks again for my wonderful ring, and please give my best to everyone at Schubach!

    Best regards,

    Joan B.

    Joseph Schubach Custom Design JewelryJoseph Schubach Custom Design Jewelry
  • At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we pride ourselves in personalized service. We have a strong base of clientele we’re served for decades. Why do people keep coming back? Because we know how to bring a human touch to the jewelry buying experience. We know how much the right piece of jewelry can mean at the right moment.

    Here’s one of our latest pleased customers:

    Hi Joe,

    Robert surprised me with the most gorgeous bracelet last week.   It is so beautiful!!!

    Robert told me what it symbolizes to him and there was such joy on his face when he gave it to me.

    I love wearing it and to know you were part of it so special to me, THANK YOU!!!!

    With appreciation,



    Check out our gallery of bracelets to make your special someone smile!

    Style 7064M

    Antique Style Filigree Moissanite Bracelet

    Antique style filigree bracelet with Charles and Colvard created moissanite. 3/16″ wide and the standard 7″ long.

    Available Total Weight: 3.60ct t.w.



  • A Few Words on our Service

    From Moissanite earrings to stunning engagement rings, our customers are singing our praises…and rightfully so.

    Here at Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we’re not afraid to show off a little. We pride ourselves in excellent service. And we don’t just talk about it, we live it.

    Jewelry is a highly personal purchase for our customers. We lead our customers on the journey and stand by their side, making sure the experience is full and rich.

    But let’s let our customers do the talking:

    Hi Beth:

    I received my rings and I love them! They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you very much for your personal and professional care that you offered. This will certainly not be the last piece of jewelry we buy from you. I will send you a name of the ring so it can be in your contest. I’ll think about it today and email you on Monday.

    Thanks again,


    Hi Beth:

    Got the ring on Wednesday. Opened it up and WOW!!!! The website just absolutely DOES NOT do it justice!  The ring turned out much better than I ever imagined. Did I say WOW yet!?!?

    The fire and brilliance were sooooooo much better than anything I have seen in a retail store.  I proposed to Heather (my, now, Fiance!!) on Friday and she has not stopped staring at it.

    Everyone that has seen the ring has had an eye popping response and given me all kinds of credit for doing such a good job (thanks to you guys!! Couldn’t have done it without you!!)

    Joe has a long term customer thanks to you! Heather will be needing some earrings shortly to pair with the ring for our wedding.

    The ring is beautiful, your service is beyond exceptional, and I am in your debt.  Thank you so much!


    Dear Joe:

    For our anniversary I just received a beautiful pair of Moissanite earrings from my husband, and was very impressed with their quality.  I kept comparing them to my engagement ring and, at least with my untrained eye, the Moissanite earrings look just as brilliant as my diamond.  I was interested in another piece of jewelry to complete the set, and saw the round three stone pendant (style 10099).  Could you please provide me details on it?

    Thanks much!

    Style 10099

    Round Three Stone Pendant

    Three stone pendant with round brilliant stones set on an 18″ cable chain.

  • D.I.Y. Contestant Thrilled with Results!

    One of our D.I.Y. Custom Design Jewelry contestants is already raving about the finished product. (Frankly, he was the mastermind behind it – we just did the legwork!)

    You have a few more days to toss your hat in the ring, so what are you waiting for? Our contest allows YOU to choose the design and the material (from diamonds to moissanite to cubic zirconia, for instance.)

    Since you choose the material, you ultimately choose the price. Just by entering, you receive a 50% discount on our design fees. And if you win? $500 toward your purchase.



    To the Staff at Joseph Schubach Jewelers:

    Thank you Joe, and thank you Sarah so much for all your help. And thanks
    to anyone else who helped make this awesome ring!! The picture didn't do
    it justice, its so much more spectacular seeing it in person!!!

    It is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! It's a lot bigger than I imagined it to be too!

    Anyway, thank you so much again and you do excellent work!
    All of my coworkers saw it and got jealous – they're all going to vote for
    it when the contest is over.

    I can't thank you enough, its just amazing!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Here's last year's D.I.Y. Contest Winner:


  • Our Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace


    A vintage
    style pendant with round brilliant stones set on an 18"
    cable chain.

    A Timeless Heirloom for Any Occasion

    Old is new. You read that right. Jewelry
    that hearkens back to yesteryear is all the rage right now. Why? Well, antique jewelry has a classic, timeless
    look to it and in these times, people want to make
    purchases that are smart, “trend proof" and make them feel terrific!

    why we’re particularly pleased to spotlight our Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace
    this week. This piece reflects an aura of years past but with a truly
    contemporary dazzle. And, it's a Joseph Schubach Jewelers DIY (Dream it Yourself) Piece where you dream the design and you set the price!

    right, you set the price. All DIY pieces can be designed to fit any
    budget and are made to your specifications. You choose the metal, the
    accent stones and the center stone. W
    e’ll then craft your dream to your specifications using quality materials and expert craftsmanship for an heirloom that's guaranteed to be an all-time classic in your collection!

    This version of the Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace boasts
    a 1/3 ct center stone surrounded by 14 round brilliant cut accent
    stones. It is a dainty and delicate piece, measuring approximately 3/8"
    in diameter yet solid enough to last a lifetime since the setting is a
    quality, sturdy cast piece, not a thin, lightweight stamped piece. The
    cable chain slides directly through the setting so the pendant will
    always sit straight in an optimal position on your neckline without
    moving up or down the chain. The 18" cable chain is the ideal length
    for most women to showcase a dangling pendant (longer or shorter chains
    are also available, just call for details.) The cable chain is very
    wearable and solidly made. It will not kink or bend and easily flows
    around the curves of your neck and neckline. This pendant is very
    versatile and can be dressed up for more formal occasions or dressed
    down to be worn every day with a pair of jeans. It is one of the basics
    for every woman's jewelry wardrobe. 

    Choose between:

    •  The Metal: 14
      karat, 18 karat or platinum

    • The Side
      Stones: natural diamonds, moissanite, ruby, sapphire or you choose!

    • The Center
      Stone: Whatever you dream, from ruby to sapphire, from natural diamond to clarity enhance diamond, from ______ to

    possibilities are endless since there are literally thousands of ways
    to make this piece truly yours. You can alternate pave set sapphires
    and diamonds or pave set rubies and diamonds around a white diamond. Or
    set a fancy color Gemesis cultured diamond in the center with natural
    white accent diamonds surrounding it. Or surround your birthstone with
    pave set diamonds.

    Whatever you dream, we can create.

    The Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace
    is one of our favorite signature pieces. The team at Joseph Schubach
    Jewelers believes this piece has a genuine personality that can be felt simply by holding it.

    a few words from a client who chose
    this piece with blue
    sapphire side stones:

    The magic begins when I
    put on this necklace. I swear, it changes my mood! It’s so
    elegant and timeless. I’ve worn it with a cocktail dress and
    I’ve worn it with jeans and a white blouse. And every time I
    wear it – and I do mean every time – someone comments on
    it. People are just naturally drawn to it. I have lots of jewelry but
    this is one piece that truly feels like mine, like it represents me.
    It’s a very personal piece of jewelry.”

    couldn’t ask for a better description of a signature piece –
    jewelry that reflects and defines you.
    The Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace is
    truly a piece with personality – a signature piece within your

    Perhaps its slightly vintage feel
    adds to its appeal. As we saw from the Oscars this year, old is new
    (or “Old is the new new!) Fred Leighton’s classic pieces
    adorned many a star on the red carpet this year:

    Alicia Keys 19th-century diamond
    leaf pendant earrings
     by Fred Leighton

    Mamma Mia star, Amada Seyfried
    with a similar vintage
    look from the Fred Leighton treasure chest

    Cate Blanchett epitomizes the "return to classic" trend
    in an pendant necklace featuring more than 100 carats
    of rose-cut diamonds

    Now while these vintage treasures
    dazzle on the red carpet, our
    The Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace adds a certain sparkle
    to your everyday. You get a little bit of that “statement
    necklace” feel without the “style overload”
    designed for over-the-top events such as the Oscars!

    biggest trend in jewelry during these tough economic times is wise,
    timeless choices. Women don’t want to forsake their jewelry
    purchases but also need to choose something lasting with classic
    appeal. This
    The Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace fits the bill
    perfectly. Not only is the look of our
    The Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace
    decidedly eternal,
    but you can choose the stones or choose your price, making it
    accessible as well!

    budget is a real issue for you, then you can have the same classic
    appeal of the
    The Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace for
    a fraction of the price, if you choose moissanite or clarity enhanced diamond as your main pendant

    If you’re new to the wonders
    of moissanite and clarity enhanced diamonds, here’s a quick lesson:

    Moissanite and clarity enhance diamonds have seen rising sales
    despite a sagging economy…and for good reason. They're
    durable, dazzling and decidedly doable, price-wise.

    What is moissanite exactly?
    Moissanite is the best diamond alternative available. It is a lab-created gemstone that reproduces (and in
    some cases exceeds) the fire and brilliance of diamonds. Moissanite
    is not a “fake diamond” in the true sense of the term.
    It’s a diamond replicate that is becoming increasingly popular
    because of its powerful, enduring presence. Moissanite
    possesses a hardness of 9 1/4 on the Mohs’ scale, compared to
    diamonds, which rates 10 so it wears extremely well. Moissanite also has a refractive index that
    is higher and closer to diamonds than cubic zirconia. Its high
    thermal conductivity transmits the same readings as a diamond on
    standard heat conductivity-based diamond testers so it tests positive on some diamond testers. In a nutshell,
    moissanite is often indiscernible from a diamond, even by a
    professionally trained eye.
    For additional moissanite information, click here .

    option is clarity enhanced diamonds which are natural diamonds
    enhanced to show their natural vibrant beauty at 1/3 less than the
    price of a comparable, non enhanced diamond. CE diamonds are natural
    diamonds with a flaw that reaches the surface. That flaw is then
    seamlessly filled and completely hidden using century old techniques
    with the final product that looks like a more expensive, better
    quality diamond. For additional information on clarity enhanced diamonds, click here .

    there’s one jewelry purchase to make this year, it’s our
    The Classic Sweetheart Pave Necklace. We
    guarantee classic, long-standing style with personality and a price
    you can afford.

    Make a statement for yourself this year. You’re
    worth it!

    please check us out on
    and Twitter (joeschubach). We’d love to network with you

  • Customer Service, Down to an Art

    There are a plethora of jewelry websites out there from which to choose. Almost too many! How do you know where to begin?

    At Joseph Schubach Jewelers, we're not trying to keep up with the numbers race. We just try to deliver the same exacting, high-quality service we've been providing for decades and decades.

    Take a look at a recent customer letter:

    Dear Joe:

    The ring is absolutely perfect! I can't even describe how happy I am with it. It exceeded my expectations by a mile and I get such a good feeling when I look at it. Thank you and everyone who was involved in making this ring and thanks for coming through for me and Minh!

    I want you to know that you have won a loyal customer. I will for sure be a repeat buyer and will never hesitate to relay how well you took care of me. To me, the true test of customer service comes when things need to be addressed and when there are problems that arise. You have turned this experience into a success without a doubt. Thanks not only for making everything right but for listening to me and making the effort. I knew the first time that I talked to you that you were sincere and really cared and that's why I felt like I could give you guys the chances to make it right and I am so happy I did!

    I could go on and on gushing about it, but I just will say thank you one more time and hope I have expressed how much I mean that and how much I am thrilled with the service and the ring itself. Please make sure everyone who helped knows how happy I am with it too. It is beautiful.


    Eli Rubin

    PS Please feel free to print any part of this email on your site. I would be happy to write a testimonial for you guys as well, just let me know!