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Another Moissanite Testimonial – However, not from one of our customers!

We ran across this great testimonial on moissanite on another blog. It’s so good we had to share it with you on ours. Let us know what you think.

Recently I gave my now fiancée a 4 carat Round Brilliant cut synthetic diamond in a striking 14K gold filigree solitaire ring which she has been showing off regularly. This ring has been examined and studied by friends and family in awe at its perfection. She has also been flaunting  it when we go to dine out, at her job, while at the mall, nightclubs, various special occasions, and many other public places that its in can constantly be under examination. A couple of times she was even stopped walking on the street or in a store by strangers to compliment her on how beautiful it is. An incredible amount of people have had a chance to analyze and dissect it, and each is left astonishment at how beautiful it is. However, still after such examination and seeing how big and beautiful it is, no one has asked if it’s real or fake! (read the entire post here)