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Moissanite Testimonial – We Couldn’t Have Said It Any Better!

(regarding a custom moissanite engagement ring)

Hi Beth,

I wanted to give you an update.  I got engaged recently and my fiancee
absolutely loves the ring.  There’s just one problem — her co-workers
are a little jealous!  The moissanite is so sparkly and the ring looks
a little too good.

We decided to go to the mall to see what kind of wedding band would
look nice with it.  In the first store we went to, the woman asked if
she could clean the ring.  We said sure and we were both nervous that
somehow the woman would know it wasn’t diamond and would say something
but she didn’t say anything or seem suspicious.  At the next store,
which even used to sell moissanite, the employee was taken aback when
he saw the ring and said “oh, wow!”  He put a normal diamond wedding
band next to it, but it looked dull in comparison so he steered us
toward their most expensive wedding bands.  We took the ring to
Tiffany’s and they asked us if it was a Tiffany Novo ring.  The only
diamond ring we saw that could compare to the moissanite was an actual
Hearts on Fire.  I guess it’s just the way they cut it.  Nobody had
any idea that her ring was anything other than a very high quality
diamond ring.

We’re in the process of choosing a wedding band to go with it and
we’re planning on having either pink moissanite or pink sapphire in
it. . . .