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A Special Aquamarine Necklace for A Special Person

This photo doesn’t do the necklace justice but thought I’d send it to you anyway.
With warm wishes,
. . . . . and, from another email:
Yes, I am enjoying the necklace very much.   Thank you for telling me about how much this meant to you and how much you enjoyed making it.  That makes it even more special.   Peter told me that when it was made and you were showing others that they wanted to take/buy it themselves.

Note from Joe. Every year during the holidays it seems that I have one project that I pay particular attention to, one that captures my interest more than the others. This past season it was a necklace for my dear friends Peter and Liliana. It was a lot of fun working with Peter on this piece, choosing the aquamarine, working with the wax carver, working with the goldsmith, doing all that we do to make a custom piece of jewelry. It was big fun for me partly because of whom this piece was for, as both Peter and Liliana are special to me, and partly because I got to play with one of my designs! So thank you Peter for this!

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