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  • Spring and Summer Colors – Bold and Zesty woke me up this morning with their post on the trending Spring/Summer trending colors. Bold, vivacious with a tribal feel…perfect colors to break out any lingering Winter doldrums!

    The colors of Spring and Summer.


    And as you’ll see, one of the colors has already made its appearance on the red carpet:


  • Unsual and Creative Rings for your Monday

    We could get into the business of jewelry this Monday: who wore what on the red carpet this weekend, how gold is faring in the market, etc. But let’s go light, shall we? Let’s get our creative juices flowing and look at some interesting eye candy. These pieces were found on a fun website called


    Architectural Rings

    “Jeweler connects the world of stones and precious metals with the history of art, science and architecture.” (Designer: Philippe Tournaire)


    “By presenting this familiar object [diamond ring] in a new light, this body of work explores and questions the meanings and myths surrounding the conventional diamond ring.” (Designer: Greg Sims)

    Creative Rings by Smiling Silver Smith

    See more fun, creative rings here.

  • New Year’s Fashion Resolutions that Suit YOU

    This morning, I perused several articles extolling the latest and greatest fashion and jewelry trends for 2013. Geometric shapes, rose gold, color blocking…the list goes on.

    It got me thinking: how can you create style resolutions that suits you and not the latest trend?

    1. What don’t you like about your current style?
    We all have “fall-back” fashions–those things we wear that are easy to toss on but not the most flattering. Maybe its time to donate those clothes to charity and move on to clothes that show off the best in you. As a matter of fact, revisit your closet and truly ask yourself if that dress really does suit you or if that blouse fits well. If not, let it go, like 2012.

    2. What clothing or jewelry would you like to add? Most of us harbor an inner wish list of fashion items we really want but just haven’t purchased them yet. Maybe it’s a romantic necklace or a pair of sexy boots. This year, allow yourself those purchases. You only go around once!

    3. How can you “grow up” your wardrobe? If there are items that represent you ten years ago, what does that say about your personal growth? We often hang on to styles that we’ve outgrown because of nostalgia or just plain laziness. This year, choose fashion that fits the 2013 you.

    It’s easy to be lead around by the latest trends, but you have a personal style that is distinctly your own. With that said, even that can be revised and improved not because of external pressure, but just because it will make you feel good this upcoming year.

    Our Round Journey Pendant Necklace, perfect for any outfit in 2013. Starting at $725.

  • M.C. Heart Solitaire with Barely Pink Moissanite

  • Pantone Spring 2013 Colors

    It’s barely winter and we’re talking about the new Spring colors? Have we lost our minds? Well, as you in the fashion-loving world know, designers plan ahead. So here’s a glimpse at the colors of Spring.

    According to Pantone: “This season’s color palette emphasizes the need for balance, while at the same time allowing for individuality, self-expression and excitement.”