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Multi-strand pearl necklaces – a fashion must?

With the recent passing of former First Lady Barbara Bush, we not only acknowledge her regal beauty and self-command but also her simple and stately sense of style. Has that caused the fashion bloggers to talk non-stop about multi-strand pearls (since Ms. Bush wore them so frequently)?

Or maybe its the surging popularity of The Crown on Netflix wear the Queen wears multi-strand pearls in just about every episode. (They were also a staple accessory of Princess Margaret’s wardrobe.)

Whatever the reason, we fully embrace the trend. Pearls make just about any woman and her outfit that much more special. No, pearls aren’t just for that formal occasion. On runways, oodles of pearls are paired with jeans and t-shirts, adding a certain panache to more common looks.

To experiment with a multi-strand look, may we suggest costume jewelry? The investment is small and gives you a chance to experiment with all its many wonders. When you’re ready, you can move on to the real thing!


Barbara Bush wearing her favorite accessory: multi-strand pearls.