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  • L.B. & B.B. Two Tone Radiance® Asscher Ruby Ring

  • The Rock Band (Custom Design Men’s Jewelry)

    Simply put: this ring rocks.

    This men’s ring is inspired by a famous rock and roll guitarist who was famously known for taping his guitar with gaffer’s tape to create this completely iconic look. The relief is cut with a laser and the red is a cerakote coating (a super hard ceramic-based finish applied to metals).

    We can create this rock star ring in any metal including all colors of gold, platinum and alternative metals (like cobalt chrome, tantalum and titanium).

    So if you really want to “dance the night away” or go “running with the devil” this ring is for you. No, we “ain’t talking about love” but a distinctively fun and seriously “unchained” ring.

    (Did you guess the rock star yet ; )

    More details on The Rock Band.

  • Customized Crown Ring, Fit for Royalty

    We created this unique custom design ring a while back but didn’t give it the “royal treatment” it deserves.

    Rings in the shape of crowns are nothing new. It actually has a long history (especially among royalty). A crown is also deeply symbolic. For example, take the Claddagh ring which is a traditional Irish ring where the heart represents love and the crown stands for loyalty.

    We like the mix of metals in this custom design crown ring which adds an extra level of dimensionality to the overall look. We also made sure we custom-designed it for comfort. Fit for a king? We think so ; )

  • Antique Pear Diamonds

    Video of our Radiance® antique pear with smaller culet

  • 5 Stone Oval Trapezoid Trillion Ring

    We’re seeing an uptick in interest when it comes to 5 stone rings. And why not? It makes an incredible anniversary ring and can be deeply customized where each gem represents something personal and significant to the one wearing it.

    Visually, what a five star sparkle experience huh?

    If you’re interested in your own custom design 5 stone ring, let’s talk details.

  • N.B. & A.W. Pear Shape Halo Engagement Ring

  • Radiance® Old European Cut Pink Sapphire Necklace ~ Custom Design

    “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.” – Lilly Pulitzer

    We are so pleased to share our Scottsdale Solitaire in the form of a stunning new custom design pendant. The rose gold chain brings out the subtler hues in the pink sapphire, making the entirety of the piece feel romantic and warm.

    We love working on custom design pendants even though we’re known for our engagement rings. If you’re in search of a dreamy pink pendant like this, contact us.

  • Aqua Blue Color Enhanced Diamonds

  • J.M. & N.M. Rose Gold Wedding Set

  • K.B. Light Champagne Lab Grown Pear Shape Diamond in a Scottsdale Solitaire

    Shown next to 14kt and 18kt yellow and rose gold in full natural sunlight. 14kt is on the left and 18kt is on the right. Third pic has our mocha gold in the center