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  • Antique Pear Diamonds

    Video of our Radiance® antique pear with smaller culet

  • 5 Stone Oval Trapezoid Trillion Ring

    We’re seeing an uptick in interest when it comes to 5 stone rings. And why not? It makes an incredible anniversary ring and can be deeply customized where each gem represents something personal and significant to the one wearing it.

    Visually, what a five star sparkle experience huh?

    If you’re interested in your own custom design 5 stone ring, let’s talk details.

  • N.B. & A.W. Pear Shape Halo Engagement Ring

  • Radiance® Old European Cut Pink Sapphire Necklace ~ Custom Design

    “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.” – Lilly Pulitzer

    We are so pleased to share our Scottsdale Solitaire in the form of a stunning new custom design pendant. The rose gold chain brings out the subtler hues in the pink sapphire, making the entirety of the piece feel romantic and warm.

    We love working on custom design pendants even though we’re known for our engagement rings. If you’re in search of a dreamy pink pendant like this, contact us.

  • Aqua Blue Color Enhanced Diamonds

  • J.M. & N.M. Rose Gold Wedding Set

  • K.B. Light Champagne Lab Grown Pear Shape Diamond in a Scottsdale Solitaire

    Shown next to 14kt and 18kt yellow and rose gold in full natural sunlight. 14kt is on the left and 18kt is on the right. Third pic has our mocha gold in the center

  • Triangle Diamond Anniversary Band ~ Custom Designed and Packed with Points of Light

    This is custom design at its finest. You can’t find Triangle Diamond Anniversary Bands just anywhere. A directional masterpiece with flow and points of light!

    Triangle diamonds have straight sides and trillion diamonds have curved sides. The triangle/straight side allows us to have no spaces between the stones. (This means a denser “wall” of movement and light.)

    If you’re looking for a completely distinctive and wholly custom-designed anniversary or eternity band like this, contact our Scottsdale-based team.

  • The Spring Bling Ring ~ Oval Engagement Ring, Custom

    Romance in a ring, right? Delicate yet blingy and eye-catching at the same time. Perfect for the diehard romantics out there. Or maybe a Spring wedding? This two-tone rose and white gold oval engagement ring holds a hidden halo. Lab-grown diamond as the stunning and chunky center stone.

    Dreaming of a Springy custom design engagement ring like this? Contact our Scottsdale-based team. We love bringing jewelry dreams to life.

    Two-tone rose and white gold oval engagement ring, hidden halo
  • Light Pink Center Stone with Rose Gold Basket – Three Stone Custom Design Engagement Ring

    We’re really pleased with the end result of this custom design! So balanced and the colors – so inviting!

    A light pink lab-grown diamond center stone with an engraved rose gold basket to enhance the color. This light pink is super popular right now and we love working with it!

    Are you looking for a custom design using a light pink lab grown diamond? The ideas are endless! Share your vision with us and we’ll turn it into a wearable reality!

    We have a highly trained and accessible staff waiting to answer your questions or listen to your custom design ideas. (Don’t worry if you’re unclear about your idea. We’ve been “translating” requests for years!).
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