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Custom Jewelry Design Contest

  • Custom designing jewelry = more fun than you’d think

    From a recent customer:

    “Thank you again for all of your work on this ring. Thank everyone involved for me. I had fun with every step of the process and am so glad I went with Joseph Schubach Jewelers for my ring! I can’t say enough how thrilled I am, with both the ring, and the entire process!”

    This is an often overlooked perk of custom designing your own piece of jewelry:

    Custom design is a genuinely FUN experience!

    It’s a creative, magical process and you’re included in every step. You’ll guide every creative choice. Every aspect of your love and your personality is integrated seamlessly into the final stunning piece.

    And we’re a fun, lively team (if we do say so ourselves) who genuinely loves working with our customers. We not only like the co-creative process with our customers, we understand it deeply. We’ve been doing it for over 100 years now afterall!

    Creativity is good for the mind and soul. Why not put your imagination to the test and come play with us?

  • Custom Design Jewelry Contest Extended to August 22


    Our D.I.Y. (Dream it Yourself) custom design jewelry contest is truly one of a kind. Where else can you collaborate with professional jewelers to create a one-of-a-kind piece and win big? For us, this contest is truly near and dear to our heart. The pieces we’ve co-created over the years have been so distinctive and endearing. The contestants continue to sing our praises, though they were clearly part of the process, firing us up with an amazing idea.

    Because we’ve had the biggest response this year, we decided to extend our custom design jewelry contest a week longer (until August 22th).

    Where do you fit in? Most of us have a picture in our head of our perfect piece of jewelry, whether it’s a simple pendant or a ring like Princess Diana wore. All you have to do is contact us and we will work together to create a piece made from your dreams.

    Here are the contest details. Call or email us today!


    Last year’s winner: Cris’s Hearts at Play Ring

  • The 4th Annual D.I.Y. (Dream it Yourself) Jewelry Contest is On!

    Our custom design jewelry contest is officially underway…and we already have over 25 people who have signed up! This could easily be our most popular contest. So what about you? What’s stopping you from having the jewelry of your dreams? Why wait for that certain someone to give you that certin something? The time is now!

    Secretly, most of us have a vision of our perfect piece of jewelry. A ring you saw in a magazine or an heirloom you want modernized. Or a simple pendant that truly represents you. If you’re afraid it won’t translate easily, call us. We’re experts at understanding your vision. We’ve been doing it for over 100 years.

    So throw your ring in the ring!

  • 5 Reasons Why you should Custom Design your Jewelry

    As we officially usher in our annual DIY (Dream it Yourself) Custom Design Jewelry contest, the question pops up: Why custom design a piece when I could simply buy one?

    Here are 5 reasons, created from our team at Joseph Schubach Jewelers in Scottsdale, Arizona:

    1. Uniqueness – Easily the top reason! You’ll have a piece that’s like no other. In a world of increasing “sameness”, a custom design piece of jewelry says distinctinctly and only you!

    2. Creativity – When you create a piece of jewelry, you have the opportunity to use your imagination. The piece you create is borne out your creative wellspring. Everytime you look at it, you’ll proudly know the mastermind behind it!

    3. Cost – Let’s get practical for a moment, shall we? You not only custom designing your engagment ring or wedding band, you custom design the price, by choosing the metal and the gem.

    4. Heirloomability – Okay, we made that word up. But a true heirloom represents the owner and the generation. When you pass it down, you’ll know the piece represents you and your family.

    5. Emotional connectivity – We have so many couples come in to our showroom who tell us exactly why they want a particular design; how each facet represents an element of their relationship. A custom design ring represents the emotion surrounding the piece. You can’t buy that from Tiffany’s!

    So if you’re ready to custom design your wedding ring or engagement ring or a necklace or a pair of one-of-a-kind earrings, reach out to us! We’re more than just custom design jewelers, we’re dream makers.

    We’re holding our annual custom design jewelry contest. Stop by. See our magic. Vote!

  • Custom Design Jewelry for a Landmark in your Life

    It’s easy to celebrate cornerstones in your life but often harder to memorialize them. Custom design jewelry can help you mark a special moment in your way and in a permanent way – something a generic gift or party can’t do.

    We live in an age where most of the items we buy are mass-made. You might love that dress of yours – but you know full well that its worn by millions of others. It doesn’t have that deeply personal feel.

    When I received my first custom made piece of jewelry, I had no clue how much it would mean to me. It was one of a kind. And it was designed with me in mind. It’s a simple piece but it really exemplifies my personality. When I wear it, it’s a distinctly different feel than my other necklaces. It’s mine.

    If you’re celebrating a special occasion in your life, consider a piece of custom design jewelry from Joseph Schubach Jewelers.

    We are professionals at making personal jewelry.

    (Above) An existing customer of ours, Mary Beth, upgraded to a magnificent handmade platinum oval diamond ring, entitled simply Platinum Dream.

  • Our Custom Design Pieces Dazzle and Delight

    Here at Joseph Schubach Jewelers, custom design jewelry is truly our specialty. We are 3rd generation artisans who love nothing better than to create a piece based on your specifications.

    No better was this displayed than with our recent Dream It Yourself contest, where participants gave us an idea and we brought it to life.

  • Deadline for D.I.Y. (Dream it Yourself) Custom Design Jewelry Contest Extended!

    We're pleased to announce that our D.I.Y. (Dream it Yourself) Custom Design Jewelry contest has been extended until May 1st. This contest is particularly dear to us, at Joseph Schubach Jewelers. Not only does it give you the opportunity to design your own heartfelt piece of jewelry but it gives us the chance to bring it to fruition.

    It’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3: 

    1. You dream it.

    You can have that piece of jewelry you’ve had your eye on. Just give
    us a sketch or photograph or online image. If it’s just an idea
    floating around in your head, talk to one of our skilled staff members
    who will be happy to translate it for you at (888) 724-8222 or send us
    an email along with any photos to

    2. We create it – affordably.

    Your jewelry dream can come true at a price you design as well! We
    know exactly how to bring your dream to life cost-efficiently using
    traditional and alternative materials: from moissanite to natural
    diamonds; synthetic gemstones to those found in nature; from platinum
    to palladium.

    3. Save big!

    Simply by entering, you instantly save 50% in custom design fees. In
    addition, your creation is automatically entered into our 2nd annual
    DIY Custom Design Jewelry Contest, where you could win an additional
    $500, if your piece is chosen.

    As we create your masterpiece, we’ll place it on our online Gallery
    for your friends, family and site visitors to see. At the end of the
    promotion, we'll hold a contest and the winning contestant will receive
    $500 towards their custom purchase.

    Our DIY Custom Design Jewelry Contest allows you to be the artist
    that you’re meant to be. So give us a call at (888) 724-8222 or send us
    an email to and we'll help you get the piece of
    jewelry you've been dreaming of!

    Here’s last year’s winner, Courtney Semeniuk and his wife Nikki’s "Azure Dream"

    Now get busy dreaming!


  • The 2nd Annual D.I.Y. (Dream it Yourself) Contest


    Thanks for your interest in our 2nd Annual D.I.Y. Contest.

    All you need to do is submit a photo, sketch or description of the jewelry of your dreams and we'll do the rest. We can discuss your budget.

    Deadline for submission is April 15.

    Send your ideas to

    We'll contact you soon after and tell you if we need further details.

    Or feel free to call us at:

    (888) 724-8222

  • The Jewelry Trends of Now, 2009

    If you are the type who wants to keep up with the latest trend but realize your wallet doesn't seem to be as…fat as it used to, then this year will be fitting for you and your budget!

    The 2009 "in stepper" will be donning unconventional jewelry, using varying materials and colorful gemstones. Woods, ceramics, sea shell beads, leather will all make their way onto the 2009 look. The nice part? Many of these materials are more affordable than some of their more traditional counterparts (seashell beads versus diamonds…hmmm. Which one can you afford this year?)

    If you are a stickler for your gemstones, the trend this year is more colorful, unusually shaped gemstones. Think outside the box with brighter gems such as sapphire and rubies: an eye grabber any season, frankly.

    No matter which direction you choose, COLOR is the main lesson to be learned this year. Experiment, be bright and be bold!


    Genuine Yellow Sapphire And Moissanite Ring

    and handcrafted version of style 1250M: 6.80ct yellow sapphire center
    with 1.50ct (3.0ct t.w. dia equiv) moissanite trillions on either side
    set into 14K white gold.
    Metal: 14kt White Gold  
    Stone size: 6.80ct 
    Ring size: 4 – 8