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Custom Design Jewelry for a Landmark in your Life

It’s easy to celebrate cornerstones in your life but often harder to memorialize them. Custom design jewelry can help you mark a special moment in your way and in a permanent way – something a generic gift or party can’t do.

We live in an age where most of the items we buy are mass-made. You might love that dress of yours – but you know full well that its worn by millions of others. It doesn’t have that deeply personal feel.

When I received my first custom made piece of jewelry, I had no clue how much it would mean to me. It was one of a kind. And it was designed with me in mind. It’s a simple piece but it really exemplifies my personality. When I wear it, it’s a distinctly different feel than my other necklaces. It’s mine.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion in your life, consider a piece of custom design jewelry from Joseph Schubach Jewelers.

We are professionals at making personal jewelry.

(Above) An existing customer of ours, Mary Beth, upgraded to a magnificent handmade platinum oval diamond ring, entitled simply Platinum Dream.