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Salt & Pepper Diamonds – The Hot (and Ethical) Engagement Ring Trend for 2019


Once considered a fringe choice for gems, salt and pepper diamonds are taking the fashion world by storm, with brides-to-be purchasing engagement rings highlighting these special “in the rough” gems as quickly as we can custom design them.


What Exactly Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?


A flawless diamond is considered the most desirable diamond…but salt and pepper diamonds work differently: the flaws of salt and pepper diamonds are what provides the beauty and sweet, earthy sparkle.

The inclusions in salt and pepper diamonds come in different colors, sizes and shapes. “Salt” means the white inclusions while “pepper” indicates the black inclusions. The combo of white and black inclusions gives it that salt and pepper look.

Shopping for salt and pepper diamonds is also a completely different process than when shopping for flawless diamonds. The 4 C’s (Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat) simply don’t apply here. These gems are raw and rough. There’s no striving for perfection but an embracing of its simple and raw quality.


With salt and pepper diamonds, the inclusions make the beauty!


The gems have a simple yet wild feel to them, perfect for a woman who creates her own rules and embraces both her light and dark sides. She takes risks and feels passionately, without abandon. She’s attune with the natural world; she’s a force of nature herself. Her engagement ring with salt and pepper diamonds represents these varied and untamed sides.