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F.L. Hip Not to Be Square Ring

In the client’s words:

Dear Joe and Beth:

I received the ring today and I’m honestly still in a bit of awe by just how beautiful it is and how perfectly it came out.  It is TRULY, TRULY gorgeous – it’s got all the organic, subtle curves we wanted and overall. You guys just perfectly nailed that unique yet tastefully understated look.

I really can’t thank both of you enough for all the hard work that went into this.  More than that, I really appreciate the fact that you insisted that we go onto iteration 4 to get it exactly 100% right when we probably could have been happy with iteration 2 or 3.

I haven’t presented this to A yet, but probably within the next week.  I know without any inkling of doubt that she will be as amazed by this as I am!!  Thank you SO much again…and wish me luck!!

Several weeks later:

Joe and Beth:

I presented the ring to Anna right before we left over a week ago for the holidays; unexpectedly, she said she would “Have to think about it.”

OK, just kidding! She loved it as much as I did and we’re now officially engaged!! There wasn’t a big, flashy proposal – just an opportune moment when we were talking about what gifts we should get each other for Christmas and I mention that I actually had a gift ready for her! I think it definitely took her a couple of days to get used to having the ring on her finger: both for “being engaged” and because she was also taken by how beautifully it came out.


Joe and Beth were extremely helpful and took care to both understand the changes we wanted and the subtleties we wanted preserved. They helped bring the design to the exact form we envisioned. We can’t thank them enough!