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“I can not say enough good things about this company! I’m so happy I picked them to recreate my beautiful ring!”

Schubach Jewelers is by far the best online company I’ve come across. I was
wanting a moissanite stone to replace my diamond in my wedding ring. I did
a ton of research online, went to a few local jewelers (all they did was
try to talk me out of a moissanite. They told me all a moissanite is, is an
ugly green/yellow looking diamond!) They almost got me to change my mind.
Then I came across Schubach Jewelers. I emailed Beth telling her what I
wanted to do. She gave me all the info I needed to know. Beth is the
sweetest girl, and an amazing customer service rep. For the company. She
treated me like I was a good friend. Not just a random person. I wrote
many, many emails back and forth to her, she would always respond so
quickly and was just so helpful in every way possible. Beth was kind enough
to send me the stone first to make sure it was the right size and I liked
it before getting it set. I felt very comfortable mailing my wedding ring
to them. Beth called me right when she got my ring, just to let me know it
got there safe! I was really wanting my ring back a week later for my
birthday. I understood that it might not happen. Beth Emailed me 2 days
before my birthday, and said my ring was done! My ring was over- nighted,
and I got it the day before my Bday! AMAZING!!! I’m so in love with my
ring! Joe did such a great job. It looks 100 times better than I though it
would!! I get so many complements every day.  I could not be happier with
My ring came in a very nice box. I was blown away when I opened the box.
Not only was my ring blinging like no other; Joe took the time to re-dip my
white gold ring and clean it to perfection to look brand NEW! I was not
expecting that. My ring has never looked so fabulous! I can not say enough
good things about this company!  I’m so happy I picked them to recreate my
beautiful ring!
Joe- thank you, thank you! It’s beyond perfect!
Beth- you are such a sweetheart. Thanks for always getting back to me so
fast, and for all your kind words!
I’ll be back real soon!!