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Jewelry Education and Advice

  • Can I Shower with my Wedding Ring?

    Um, no. 

    That’s the short answer.

    The long answer? Even if bathing products feel soft to the touch, they can be abrasive to certain gemstones and metals. There are also products that are straight-up abrasive (think exfoliants) which are obviously more damaging.

    Of course, you don’t notice those little scratches at first. Its only over time that those micro-abrasions accumulate and create a dull appearance.

    And its not just abrasive components in your bath products; it’s also oils in those same products. Oilsgather over time and dull the finish of your engagement ring.

    And let’s not forget the big elephant in the room:


    It can happen in an instant and cause you hours worth of pain and expense (call your plumber and ask how much he or she charges for a visit).

    Don’t think you ring will slip off that easily? Think again. Fingers change size all the time, even throughout a day. (Did you know your finger is thinner in cold weather? It’s true.)

    OUR ADVICE: Take your ring off before every shower. Get in the habit of taking it off in a room other than the bathroom (which has several danger zones for an errant ring). Every time. No exceptions.

    Trust us, you’ll be grateful. So will your ring.

    Just. Don't. Do. It.

    Just. Don’t. Do. It.

  • When do you Choose your Wedding Jewelry?

    There’s an order to doing things right. And nowhere is this more true than preparing for your wedding. So what comes first? The wedding gown? The hairdo? The jewelry?

    This quick and easy (and helpful) video details the best 1-2-3 method when choosing the best look for your upcoming wedding:


  • Are Fake Pearls that Bad?

    First off, no. Fake pearls are not bad. As a matter of fact, costume jewelry has a place in our fashion repertoire and if you’re a jewelry lover, undoubtedly you have some. (Or like me, a lot.)

    And for obvious reasons: we can’t always afford the best of the best. But more than just cost, costume jewelry is a great way of experimenting with a look to see if you’d like to invest in better jewelry in the future, even custom designing the jewelry you’d like to wear.

    When it comes to fake pearls, fashion experts have a lot to say on the topic. Some say its a perfectly fine way to dress up an outfit, especially if you’re wearing a three-strand pearl necklace (which could be quite expensive in its “natural” state).

    Some wholly disagree. One expert had this to say:

    Imitation pearls are made from a shell or glass bead coated with a solution containing fish scales or other iridescent material. They will never have a fine pearl’s lustre and depth, and their iridescence (should they have any), is like poly satin compared to silk charmeuse. Fakes are usually “too-too”: too perfectly matched, too round, too sharply lustrous. The overall effect is like being hit by high-beam lights, and about as soulful.

    We laughed in agreement. Because obviously, there’s some truth there. But again, certain outfits and certain occasions would fit nicely with pearls of the non-authentic variety.


    Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace, 10mm-11mm, 18″ long with a sterling silver clasp.

  • The Significance of a Thumb Ring

    Thumb rings are once again rising in popularity. Celebrities such as fashion guru Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba and Paul Walker can be seen sporting them.

    But what do rings worn on the thumb signify and is it a look you’d like to try?

    In his book “Mystic’s Musings,” Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev warned women to never wear any rings on their thumbs as it “will lead to attracting occult forms.” We’re not so sure about that. But it can send a message apparently.

    According to Spiritual Cookie, thumb rings can signify power and dominance.

    By putting a ring of strength on the finger of control, a person with a thumb ring may express a need to have control over things. They may have a strong need to do things their own way. An example of this could be a fashion stylist or designer who enjoys influencing  others regarding what to wear eg. fashion designer Rachel Zoe.

    Some say that the placement of the ring signifies sexual preference or relationship status.

    But perhaps the best “inner meaning” for wearing a thumb ring according to one wearer?

    “I think it means I like thumb rings.”

    Two thumbs up for that response!

    Image result for thumbs up

  • Allowing Mistakes in Jewelry Making (and Life)

    We’re perfectionists here at Joseph Schubach Jewelers, but mistakes can happen. Custom design jewelry making is a creative process, after all. And like all artists, we need to push the boundaries to get the look we want. It’s those very boundaries that allow us to learn and improve…but its not always seamless.

    This video details one student’s process where a mistake becomes just another form of education.

    Now if we could only apply that same “it’s good to make mistakes” philosophy to life!

  • Can Clip Earrings EVER be Comfortable?

    If you wonder why I look forlorn, its the earrings!

    If you wonder why I look forlorn, its the earrings!

    Many of us wonder how our mothers wore clip earrings back in the day. Seriously, how did they manage to get through an entire evening without screaming “take these damn things off of me now!”

    Cut to years later, when you find a pair of cute-as-heck clip earrings at a vintage shop. Can I withstand the pain, like my foremothers before me, you ask yourself?

    Yes, you can! 

    But there’s a secret your mom probably didn’t know about: foam backing.

    Simply find the kind of adhesive-backed foam used for eyeglass nose pads, found in most eyeglass repair kits. (They’re also sold separately.) These little pads have a backing that, once peeled off, exposes a strong adhesive site. Trim the pad to fit the backing of your clip earring then carefully (after removing the adhesive strip) place on the back of your earrings.

    Voila! Comfort.

    Another tip to keep in mind: if you do choose clip earrings, opt for lighter or smaller size earrings. These will naturally put less weight and pull on the lobe.


  • How to Wear Screw Back Earrings Comfortably (Yes, it’s possible?)


    What are screw back earrings and why would you choose to wear earrings that require a more effort to put on?

    Screw back earrings are a type of earring back that requires being screwed on rather than pushed into a backing. The earring post itself is threaded, which enables the backing to be rotated until it is completely screwed on.

    Why would you choose a backing like this? One reason, for sure: security. These earrings are near impossible to lose because they require the process of unscrewing to loosen them (unlike traditional backings which can work their way off the earring).

    Screw backs are commonly seen on rings of higher value as well as children’s earrings (since children have an uncanny way of testing jewelry to its limits!).

    How to wear screw back earrings comfortably? 

    Of utmost importance is the level of tightness. Screw backs can be worn comfortably when screwed in tight enough to stay firmly in place but not too tight that it hurts within minutes of wearing it. Its a tough balance to strike, so keep experimenting.

    main view of Classic Wire Basket Moissanite Earrrings With Screw Backs

    1.50ct t.w. Moissanite, 14kt White Gold With Screw Backs Classic screw back, wire basket earrings with 1.50ct t.w. (dia equiv) Charles and Colvard created round moissanite, 14kt yellow gold.


  • How to Wear Gold Jewelry

    This touching and distinctive video details one woman’s journey, as she seamlessly integrates heirlooms her mother passed down to her with more modern pieces. The common theme: gold and its deeper meaning for the woman who wears it.


  • What is a Euro Shank on an engagement ring?

    Of all of the ring terms out there, one could say “shank” is the least attractive sounding. But don’t let that fool you: it can a whole other level of visual sophistication and comfort to your engagement ring.

    The shank itself is the bottom portion of the ring. The euro-shank (formally known as the a European Shank) is a flattened bottom portion of the ring (as opposed to the traditional round ring shank. This gives the visual impression of a more square ring.

    Why would you want that? Well, this design concept tends to reduce the range the ring is likely to pivot or move while on the finger. It also provides a contemporary look to your ring, which appeal to those looking for a more “mod” appearance.

    Check out the video below for a good example of the beauty and practicality of a euro-shank.


  • How tightly should your ring fit?

    There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to how tightly a ring should fit. And for good reason: we believe that (just like the love in our life) there’s one perfect fit.

    But unfortunately, our finger is more fickle than that. It expands and decreases in sizes, even throughout one day. It also changes based on weather, diet and water retention.

    The idea is to find a good fit. So how do you find it?

    According to Wedding Bee: 

    To help you find that almost perfect fit, you should work with an experienced jeweler to get your finger professionally sized. And I’m not talking about going to a jewelry store that has some plastic sizer and an inexperienced sales associate. When you’re going to be wearing something as meaningful and expensive as a wedding band, you want to make sure you do it right.

    We wholeheartedly agree: when you are fitted for a ring, the jeweler should utilize various methods and tools to help you find the most most comfortable fit.

    Another sizing tip: the best time of the time to have your finger sized is between lunch and dinner (since this is when your finger is at its largest size).

    Remember: the fit of a ring is very personal opinion. While there are methods to identify a match for you, ultimately the choice is based on how it feels. Just like the love of your life, only you know the real perfect fit.

    A fit for life.

    A fit for life.