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Can Clip Earrings EVER be Comfortable?

If you wonder why I look forlorn, its the earrings!

If you wonder why I look forlorn, its the earrings!

Many of us wonder how our mothers wore clip earrings back in the day. Seriously, how did they manage to get through an entire evening without screaming “take these damn things off of me now!”

Cut to years later, when you find a pair of cute-as-heck clip earrings at a vintage shop. Can I withstand the pain, like my foremothers before me, you ask yourself?

Yes, you can! 

But there’s a secret your mom probably didn’t know about: foam backing.

Simply find the kind of adhesive-backed foam used for eyeglass nose pads, found in most eyeglass repair kits. (They’re also sold separately.) These little pads have a backing that, once peeled off, exposes a strong adhesive site. Trim the pad to fit the backing of your clip earring then carefully (after removing the adhesive strip) place on the back of your earrings.

Voila! Comfort.

Another tip to keep in mind: if you do choose clip earrings, opt for lighter or smaller size earrings. These will naturally put less weight and pull on the lobe.