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How to Wear Screw Back Earrings Comfortably (Yes, it’s possible?)


What are screw back earrings and why would you choose to wear earrings that require a more effort to put on?

Screw back earrings are a type of earring back that requires being screwed on rather than pushed into a backing. The earring post itself is threaded, which enables the backing to be rotated until it is completely screwed on.

Why would you choose a backing like this? One reason, for sure: security. These earrings are near impossible to lose because they require the process of unscrewing to loosen them (unlike traditional backings which can work their way off the earring).

Screw backs are commonly seen on rings of higher value as well as children’s earrings (since children have an uncanny way of testing jewelry to its limits!).

How to wear screw back earrings comfortably? 

Of utmost importance is the level of tightness. Screw backs can be worn comfortably when screwed in tight enough to stay firmly in place but not too tight that it hurts within minutes of wearing it. Its a tough balance to strike, so keep experimenting.

main view of Classic Wire Basket Moissanite Earrrings With Screw Backs

1.50ct t.w. Moissanite, 14kt White Gold With Screw Backs Classic screw back, wire basket earrings with 1.50ct t.w. (dia equiv) Charles and Colvard created round moissanite, 14kt yellow gold.