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The Significance of a Thumb Ring

Thumb rings are once again rising in popularity. Celebrities such as fashion guru Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba and Paul Walker can be seen sporting them.

But what do rings worn on the thumb signify and is it a look you’d like to try?

In his book “Mystic’s Musings,” Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev warned women to never wear any rings on their thumbs as it “will lead to attracting occult forms.” We’re not so sure about that. But it can send a message apparently.

According to Spiritual Cookie, thumb rings can signify power and dominance.

By putting a ring of strength on the finger of control, a person with a thumb ring may express a need to have control over things. They may have a strong need to do things their own way. An example of this could be a fashion stylist or designer who enjoys influencing  others regarding what to wear eg. fashion designer Rachel Zoe.

Some say that the placement of the ring signifies sexual preference or relationship status.

But perhaps the best “inner meaning” for wearing a thumb ring according to one wearer?

“I think it means I like thumb rings.”

Two thumbs up for that response!

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