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The Personal Side of Custom Made Jewelry

While people love jewelry as a gift, over the years of custom designing jewelry for customers, I can’t help but notice the deeper connection that occurs when someone co-creates a piece with us. In a day where everything is pre-made, custom design allows you to create your own personal “thumbprint” on a piece of jewelry, making it forever yours.

So what is it about custom design that makes it so special?

1. It’s from the heart. Most people who decide on custom design do so for a reason. A couple may have a very particular idea in mind for an engagement ring, for instance. It’s a collaborative idea that empowers the customer and makes them genuinely feel part of their piece. When the piece is completed, it feels like a manifestation of the love they feel – one of a kind.

2. You call the shots. There’s a sense of control a customer feels when they create their own piece. No one is telling them what to wear – no magazine or seasonal trend – he or she is deciding.

3. The sky is the limit. When you custom design a piece of jewelry, you decide on the materials. It could be moissanite or natural diamonds, platinum or white gold, sapphire or rubies – whatever you envision is possible. This includes cost. If you’re looking for something that seems out of your price range, we can design a piece made from matierals that do fit your budget. Again, the possibilities are endless!

So if you’re looking for something special, remember: custom design jewelry has special built right in!

Here are some custom design pieces from our store:

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