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How to Custom Design your own Jewelry

Custom design jewelry can be a bit of a mystery to some folks. Why not simply purchase a pre-made piece at Tiffany’s? How does one even come up with an idea?

Well, first: you can purchase a pre-made piece at Tiffany’s. So can several million other people. Custom design jewelry insures that your piece is one-of-a-kind. It’s made for and by you. It’s personalized jewelry, so your connection to the piece is deeper. We’ve had several happy customers tell us this very thing. “It’s mine. No one else has a piece like it in the world.”

How do you come up with an idea? There’s several answers to that.

Many see a piece online or in a store and like it, but they want some changes to it. That’s what we call semi-custom design. People will see a piece we have on our website and say, “Joe, love it…but you can make the side stones sapphires instead of diamonds? Can you use rose gold instead of silver? We’re happy to oblige.

Some create an idea from their mind’s eye. They’ve had a piece in mind (some their whole lives!) and can “sketch” it out, with our assistance. If that sounds difficult or too technical for you, not to worry. Our staff is trained to interpret your suggestions, even if it’s “I want something girlie, but not too girlie.” We know how to tease out your idea. And before you commit to the piece, you are shown the possible looks of the piece first – so you don’t have to commit until it fits you exactly.

Others come in with a piece of jewelry they want “made over.” This is a form of custom design as well. Sometimes a piece just feels too dated – or someone gave them an important piece of jewelry…but they never really liked it! (Another reason for custom design – why purchase a high-end piece of jewelry if you’re not exactly sure what the receiver wants?)

Custom design jewelry is what we do best, here in Scottsdale. After 3 generations of creating pieces from all sorts of suggestions, we’re confident in our ability to make your jewelry dream a reality. Check out our custom design page for more details on the process as well as examples.