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Jeweler News

  • Dramatic Jewelry that Wows and Wonders – Upcoming Exhibit


    Perhaps this isn’t the type of jewelry that you’d wear to your average Mother’s Day luncheon, but boy, does it capture the eye.

    Throughout May, Aaron Faber Gallery, located at 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, will present the dramatic jewelry in an exhibition that explores the striking works of five legendary international jewelry artists:  “Dramatic Jewelry: The Five Masters” showcases the extraordinary works of British jeweler, Charlotte De Syllas; Italian jeweler,Paolo Marcolongo; American jeweler, Michael Good; and German jewelers Peter Schmid of Atelier Zobel and Tom and Jutta Munsteiners.

    Here are a few examples:

    Source: The Daily Jewel


  • Princie Diamond Breaks Auction Records

    The “Princie Diamond” [above] was named in honor of the 14-year-old Prince of Baroda and its $39.3 million sale at Christie’s set new world records for the most valuable Golconda diamond sold at the auction and the most valuable diamond ever sold at Christie’s and the United States.

    According to National Jeweler:

    An anonymous bidder paid $1.1 million per carat for the 34.65-carat cushion-cut fancy intense pink diamond at Christie’s New York on Tuesday. The auction house’s previous record was $24.3 million, set in December 2008 with the sale of the Wittelsbach Diamond to Laurence Graff.

    Christie’s said the Princie possesses all of the most desirable qualities today’s collectors are seeking in diamonds: a large size, desirable shape and polish, exceptional color and quality, Golconda origins and a noble history.

    “A major event took place in the global auction industry with the record-breaking sale of the Princie Diamond at Christie’s New York. Aside from Christie’s sale of the legendary Collection of Elizabeth Taylor, this was the most successful jewelry auction ever held in the U.S.,” said Rahul Kadakia, head of jewelry at Christie’s Americas and Switzerland.

  • Safe Ringz – An Arizona-based Wedding Band Company for the Active Individual

    We’re proud to highlight an Arizona-based company that creates rings especially designed for active people searching for a safe wedding band. Safe Ringz™ is a small family owned business consisting of triathletes, firefighters, nurses, and cowboys.

    What are Safe Ringz exactly?

    Finally a safe, non-conductive flexible wedding band for electricians, firefighters, mechanics, athletes, military, and anyone who works with their hands! An inexpensive silicone ring with a unique metallic pigment that closely mimics gold, silver, and copper! Looks & acts like a real shiny wedding band yet is safe & comfortable! Great for nurses, medical technicians, & anyone who wears gloves. An answer for those who experience swelling in the fingers due to pregnancy, diabetes, or other medical issues. Popular amongst tri-athletes, weight-lifters, & outdoor enthusiasts! Located in Stanfield, Arizona USA.

  • Turkish Jewelry Trend in Hollywood

    Above: Milka Karağaçlı with actor Orlando Bloom who bought a necklace from her collection for his wife Miranda Kerr. AA photo

    Looks like Hollywood is going to Turkey this season, as rising jeweler Milka Karaağaçlı becomes all the rage with such stars as Orlando Bloom, Madonna, Pink and Anne Hathaway. Karaağaçlı has taken part in the New York and Paris fashion weeks since 2010 and hopes to open stores in Europe and the U.S.

    “Each model is born like a baby. I wear them at first, experience it and then put it up for sale,” says Karaağaçlı.




  • 75 Carat D-Color Diamond at Sotheby’s April 17th

    What a stunning gem and exciting auction up ahead. Better start saving your spare change!

    A 75 ct. D-color pear-shaped diamond—the most important white gem ever to be auctioned in the United Statesis expected to rake in between $9–$12 million when it goes up for sale at Sotheby’s annual spring auction of Magnificent Jewels on April 17.

    The stone is also one of the few pear-shaped diamonds of D color more than 50 carats to be auctioned in decades, the auction house says.

    75 ct. pear-shaped diamond

    “It was acquired by the present owner in 2001 for $4.3 million, and today we have estimated it conservatively at $120,000 per carat,” said Lisa Hubbard, chairman of North and South America, Sotheby’s International jewelry division.

    Source: JCK

  • Michele Obama’s Oscar Look

    As many of us sleepily crawled to the end of the Oscar awards last Sunday night, we were greeted with an award ourselves: Michele Obama’s telecast appearance wearing a “wake up” glam gown and some killer vintage Harry Winston earrings.

    This isn’t the best shot admittedly but at least we’re given a closer look at those chandelier earrings. Wow! Matched perfectly with Michele’s new bangs:

  • A Few Choice Oscar Highlights

    Sometimes these award shows are overwhelming for jewelry lovers. There is just so much eye candy, we don’t know where to begin. So we picked a few of our favorites from last night’s Oscars. Tell us whose jewelry really bowled you over!

    Salma Hayek looks amazing in her Alexander McQueen Academy Awards gown. But what impressed us was the way in which her “statement necklace” seems to be part of her gown, making the ensemble that much more pulled together and sleek.

    salma hayek oscar dress 2013

    Catherine Zeta-Jones, looked drop-dead in a Zuhair Murad gown with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. And while Schwartz jewelry can consistently be seen on the red carpet, we just couldn’t help but love the gown and jewelry pairing…just perfect together.

    The human Oscar: Catherine shows off her metallic Zuhair Murad dress; she will perform on stage during the nightToo much make-up! Catherine Zeta-Jones appeared to have caked on the foundation and turned into a human doll as she arrived at the Oscars in Los Angeles on Sunday


  • Zales Most Brilliant Diamond Claim Put to Test


    Ads are often subjective. We’re used to hearing that one product or service is the best, the fastest, the cheapest, etc. But Zales is up against a lawsuit where those claims may be put to the test:

    A federal judge in Ohio will weigh in Monday on a legal tussle with ramifications for the diamond world: whether the Zales jewelry chain should be allowed to advertise that its rocks are the brightest.

    Sterling Jewelers Inc., a unit of Signet Jewelers Ltd., SIG +1.74% which also owns the Kay Jewelers and Jared the Galleria of Jewelry chains, has filed a lawsuit accusing Zale Corp. ZLC -2.63% of false advertising for claiming its Celebration Fire stones are the “most brilliant diamonds in the world.”

    Sterling, based in Akron, Ohio, wants to force Zale to scrap a multimillion-dollar ad campaign as it heads into one of the busiest sales week of the year; on Monday, the judge will consider Sterling’s request for a preliminary injunction. The company also is seeking millions of dollars in damages from Zale, which is based in Irving, Texas.

    The Federal Trade Commission allows advertising that makes subjective claims, according to an agency spokeswoman. But a spokesman for Signet, David Bouffard, said the brilliance of a diamond can be “systematically, reliably and scientifically measured” and shouldn’t fall under those protections.

    Read more at the Wall Street Journal.

  • Oprah Highlights Custom Jewelry Maker Gemvara


    It’s often been said that everything Oprah touches turns to gold. In this case, the jewelry she chose to wear will mean gold to one jeweler.

    The custom jewelry maker Gemvara was featured this month on Oprah Winfrey’s “Favorite­ Things 2012” cable special; Winfrey picked a pair of “naked cushion triple earrings” that range in price from $1,109 to $1,688, depending on the gemstone.

    Founder Matt Lauzon says it wasn’t a paid placement, exactly: “One of Oprah’s people spotted Gemvara and the earrings at a party our PR team hosted, and brought them to Oprah.” Winfrey wore the earrings on the show and gave a pair to everyone in the audience. “That piece was very cool, because they were all spouses of members of the military,” Lauzon says.

    Source: The Boston Globe

    If there’s a piece of jewelry you see on Oprah, or any other celebrity, we’re happy to re-create a piece tailormade to fit the superstar in you!

  • Techno Futuristic Jewelry by Paola Mirai

    Often we reflect on the history of jewelry on our blog. It’s easy to see the connectivity between a vintage necklace and what we continue to wear today. But what does the future of jewelry hold? How does technology influence fashion, for instance?

    Designer Paola Mirai peers into that space-age world:

    We’ve seen our share of jewelry made from old circuit boards, but none as luxe-looking as those by Paola Mirai. The Milan-based art director, designer, and self-described “alchemical experimenter” suspends castoff computer parts, clock springs, watch cogs, and other technological detritus in a colorless—and home-brewed—resin known as “orotrasparente.” The result is a series of brooches, bracelets, cuff links, and rings with a lighter-than-air quality, featuring high-tech components that appear to float just above the body.

    Source: Ecouterre