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Safe Ringz – An Arizona-based Wedding Band Company for the Active Individual

We’re proud to highlight an Arizona-based company that creates rings especially designed for active people searching for a safe wedding band. Safe Ringz™ is a small family owned business consisting of triathletes, firefighters, nurses, and cowboys.

What are Safe Ringz exactly?

Finally a safe, non-conductive flexible wedding band for electricians, firefighters, mechanics, athletes, military, and anyone who works with their hands! An inexpensive silicone ring with a unique metallic pigment that closely mimics gold, silver, and copper! Looks & acts like a real shiny wedding band yet is safe & comfortable! Great for nurses, medical technicians, & anyone who wears gloves. An answer for those who experience swelling in the fingers due to pregnancy, diabetes, or other medical issues. Popular amongst tri-athletes, weight-lifters, & outdoor enthusiasts! Located in Stanfield, Arizona USA.