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Techno Futuristic Jewelry by Paola Mirai

Often we reflect on the history of jewelry on our blog. It’s easy to see the connectivity between a vintage necklace and what we continue to wear today. But what does the future of jewelry hold? How does technology influence fashion, for instance?

Designer Paola Mirai peers into that space-age world:

We’ve seen our share of jewelry made from old circuit boards, but none as luxe-looking as those by Paola Mirai. The Milan-based art director, designer, and self-described “alchemical experimenter” suspends castoff computer parts, clock springs, watch cogs, and other technological detritus in a colorless—and home-brewed—resin known as “orotrasparente.” The result is a series of brooches, bracelets, cuff links, and rings with a lighter-than-air quality, featuring high-tech components that appear to float just above the body.

Source: Ecouterre