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Oprah Highlights Custom Jewelry Maker Gemvara


It’s often been said that everything Oprah touches turns to gold. In this case, the jewelry she chose to wear will mean gold to one jeweler.

The custom jewelry maker Gemvara was featured this month on Oprah Winfrey’s “Favorite­ Things 2012” cable special; Winfrey picked a pair of “naked cushion triple earrings” that range in price from $1,109 to $1,688, depending on the gemstone.

Founder Matt Lauzon says it wasn’t a paid placement, exactly: “One of Oprah’s people spotted Gemvara and the earrings at a party our PR team hosted, and brought them to Oprah.” Winfrey wore the earrings on the show and gave a pair to everyone in the audience. “That piece was very cool, because they were all spouses of members of the military,” Lauzon says.

Source: The Boston Globe

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