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Princie Diamond Breaks Auction Records

The “Princie Diamond” [above] was named in honor of the 14-year-old Prince of Baroda and its $39.3 million sale at Christie’s set new world records for the most valuable Golconda diamond sold at the auction and the most valuable diamond ever sold at Christie’s and the United States.

According to National Jeweler:

An anonymous bidder paid $1.1 million per carat for the 34.65-carat cushion-cut fancy intense pink diamond at Christie’s New York on Tuesday. The auction house’s previous record was $24.3 million, set in December 2008 with the sale of the Wittelsbach Diamond to Laurence Graff.

Christie’s said the Princie possesses all of the most desirable qualities today’s collectors are seeking in diamonds: a large size, desirable shape and polish, exceptional color and quality, Golconda origins and a noble history.

“A major event took place in the global auction industry with the record-breaking sale of the Princie Diamond at Christie’s New York. Aside from Christie’s sale of the legendary Collection of Elizabeth Taylor, this was the most successful jewelry auction ever held in the U.S.,” said Rahul Kadakia, head of jewelry at Christie’s Americas and Switzerland.