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Custom Design Three Stone Ring with Bullet Side Stones

The client couldn’t be any happier. (And honestly, we’re equally pleased!)

We’ve seen an increasing trend in three stone engagement rings in the custom design space, that’s for sure. This one has an emerald cut center with bullet shape side diamonds, adding to its specialness.

Why are three stone rings so popular?

The three-stone ring is deeply symbolic with a rich cultural history. While it can symbolize a religious trinity, it more commonly represents the past, the present and the future.

Do you want a custom design ring just like this?

We custom design rings just like this but tailored to suit your particular needs, like your particular tastes or budget. Talk to our Scottsdale team so we can create a three-stone beauty just like this. Call us at (888) 724-8222 or (480) 946-6000.