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How to have sparkle, not just wear it


We talk a lot here about the powerful element of sparkle when it comes to gems. It’s that visual dazzling effect that flies off off a diamond (for instance) when light hits it. But did you know that you can sparkle without the enhancement of jewelry? That’s right: eyes sparkle…but how?

According to body language expert Jack G. Brown:

The primary reason why the eyes “twinkle” is that when there is a momentary partial closure of the lids – this squeezes the tear film (the very thin layer of a highly specialized fluid on the surface of our eyes) into a smaller space – thus this swallow layer of fluid gets “deeper” for a few seconds. This extra “depth” reflects light more effectively – so the eyes appear to twinkle.

And just like gems, the light source is key:

To give the greatest twinkle, light must be positioned behind the viewer (e.g. you). The source of the light may certainly influence the twinkle as well. If it is too bright – as very often is the case – it will cause the pupils to contract – thus detracting from the “twinkle”.  A candle’s light source has the advantage of being dim (so as to engender larger pupils) and dynamic. This constantly changing flicker adds considerably to the twinkle-effect. And you wondered why candles were romantic?!

The takeaway? If you want your eyes to sparkle, be authentic when you laugh and smile…and do so in a dimly lit restaurant!