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How to Increase your Sparkle Quotient


As jewelry experts, we’re all about the sparkle. But the real sparkle lies within; jewelry only enhances what our spirits naturally radiate.

So how can you increase your sparkle quotient?

Destress. Natural sparkle from the inside happens when we’re feeling relaxed. Stress has the opposite effect; it keeps us locked up and unable to shine from within. When we take time out of every day to manually remove stress from our lives (via meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, etc), our natural state is allowed to naturally move through us and radiate (aka sparkle).

Express. Stifled emotions (like stress) can jam us up and keep our sparkle under wraps. Take some time out every day to check in with yourself. How are you feeling? Do you need a good cry or laugh? Maybe you need to talk to a friend or to a “higher power.” Keep your feelings flowing and show them the respect they deserve; don’t try to shove them down. That’s a sparkle killer.

Dress to impress. Why not try an outside in approach to increase your sparkle? Wear clothes/make-up/accessories that impress you, not others. When you feel good on the outside, your inner sparkle naturally comes to the surface to match. No, not superficial; dressing well is just a way of matching your exterior with your interior.

We all deserve to shine but it does require some personal work and self-care. Let’s regain our naturally big, bright and buoyant spirits.

Sparkle forth…you deserve it!