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How to Sparkle Au Naturel

We’re in the business of making people sparkle with our custom designed jewelry and high-end retail jewelry. But how do you sparkle without the external adornments?

Here are some quick pointers so you can shine from the inside (we’ll work on the outside!):

* Rest, relax and eat well. Nothing makes you look better from the inside then simply taking good care of yourself. Think of how you look after a good night’s sleep. Your eyes shine, your face looks relaxed and you feel like you can take on the world. Or how about after a healthy meal? You feel more vibrant, balanced.

* Clean your spirit. Yes, the dreaded “m” word will be uttered: meditation. Even if the concept alludes you, take a mere 5 minutes before you start your day and simply focus on your breathing, nothing else. If thoughts pop up, let them come and go, without any judgement. At the end of the five minutes, go look in the mirror. You’ll be surprised at the glow that emanates from you. Our minds need to take breaks; they can’t be running madly all day long. If prayer works better for you, then do that.

* Laugh like you mean it. What is it about a good laugh that almost feel akin to a good cry? It purges the soul of mental “gunk” and helps you breathe easier, as if something heavy and dark has easily passed through you. Don’t feel like laughing? Fake it. Studies have concluded that even fake laughter has its benefits.

If you just feel like the sparkle in you has diminished, that’s alright too. Sit with it. Figure out what has been dulling your soul shine. Maybe it’s grief or old anger. Explore the causes in a kind and gentle way. Get to the root of it. Grieve, express, release.