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How to Sparkle when Public Speaking (It IS possible.)


We talk a lot about sparkle on this blog. And not just the sparkle of a diamond or other beautiful gem. But that inner sparkle that radiates when we’re feeling peaceful, happy and loved. That’s the kind of sparkle that can’t be manufactured and will always shiny brighter than a pretty bauble.

But how do you sparkle when giving a speech? Is it even possible, especially when you’re feeling insanely tense and nervous? Sure. Here are a few public speaking pointers to remember:

Eye contact. When giving a speech, almost nothing carries weight like the direction of your eyes. When you dare to look at others, it’s an invitation for them to look back at you. Avoid fixing on a spot at the back of the room (a common speech giving suggestion) and make eye contact instead.

Smile with your face. Think of your face mere seconds before you’re about to break into laughter. It relaxes and pulls back into this semi-smile that’s proven to help you (and others around you) relax. Of course, a full smile suffices as well. People read body signals quickly: a smile says you’re open, receptive and fun.

Energize your voice. Most of us don’t think of our voice as something that needs warmed up, just like a muscle. Before you’re about to speak publicly, hum a favorite tune. Hum it hard enough to make your lips buzz. Then fake a few yawns to open the back of your voice. These simple steps bring your voice forward and make you sound more authoritative.

Public speaking is on very few people’s bucket list of favorite things to do. But most of us encounter it at some point or another. Think of it as an opportunity rather than a hindrance.

Release your inner sparkle. The world is waiting!