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First Egg for Faberge in Nearly 100 Years

In time for Easter, Faberge has broken the shell on its latest egg in almost 100 years.

February 26, 2015

Faberge’s new Pearl Egg, its first Imperial Egg in nearly 100 years, features 139 white pearls and 3,305 diamonds as well as other precious gemstones.

London–Fabergé is returning to its roots, bringing back the tradition of creating objets d’art with a new pearl egg that marks the first since the early 1900s.

To celebrate the coming 100th anniversary of the last Fabergé Imperial Eggs ever delivered, the brand collaborated with the Al-Fardan family, renowned pearl collectors; each pearl included on the egg was selected by Hussain Ibrahim Al-Fardan from his private collection.

The new Pearl Egg marks the first egg objet in Faberge’s “Imperial Class” since 1917 and required the work of 20 highly skilled workers to come together.

Its design is inspired by the creation of a pearl within an oyster–the mother-of-pearl outside opens to show a unique 12.17-carat gray pearl from the Arabian Gulf. An innovative clasp allows the exterior to rotate on its base, allowing all six sections of the egg to open simultaneously and unveil the pearl within.

Source: NationalJeweler