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Kate Middleton “Go To” Earrings

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, takes h

Some of us assume that those of the royal ilk are almost obligated to constantly wear something new every time they appear in public. But just like us, they have their favorite pieces. Princess Kate particularly loves her pearl drop earrings…and the designer is all too happy about her smart choice.

“Kate looked radiant, elegant and eternally stylish,” jeweler Annoushka Ducas tells PEOPLE, adding: “the pearls are very easy to wear and they look great on her.”

Kate has been photographed in the 18ct yellow, gold and white pearl drops [£295] so many times, Ducas has lost count and all of the pieces Kate owns (three in total – another pair of pearl drop hoops and a diamond eternity ring) are believed to have been purchased as gifts for herself.

“She pops in unannounced and very quietly looks at what she’s after and then goes away again. It’s all very low-key,” reveals Ducas, who also sends her royal client look books and lets her try on pieces at home before making a purchase.