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Princess Cut versus Round Brilliant Cut – Which One is for You?

In an ongoing efforts to educate (and inspire) our customers, we wanted to share this on-point description of the differences between a princess cut diamond versus a round brilliant cut. Read on, young whipper snapper!


Round diamonds have fewer facets and have circular symmetry. This makes round brilliants easier to design, cut and buy. Because of this, it has been possible to identify a range of angles for all the facets that optimise the light performance in a round.

Princess cuts have more facets, complicated angles, and less symmetry so what you’ll find is that even in the best princess cut, the light return at its edges and corners will be from the periphery and indicated as green on an ASET image.

What this means is that those areas will not be as bright as in a round where we have come to expect excellent edge-to-edge light performance. To compare a round to a princess is therefore comparing apples to oranges. Most official cut grading systems recognise this so princess cut diamonds are not graded on the same light performance scale as round diamonds.

Source: Prosumer Diamonds

main view of Princess Cut Engagement Ring With Channel Set Side Stones

Style 10001-5.5mm

Princess Cut Engagement Ring With Channel Set Side Stones

Engagement ring with 1/2ct t.w. channel set princess cut side stones. Fits a 5.5mm (1.05ct) princess cut center stone. (setting only, does not include center stone).