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Stars of Africa Collection Makes its Debut at Harrods Today

Royal Asscher’s Stars of Africa collection is certainly a sight to behold. Diamonds floating a top some of the most magnificent and mighty rings. You may have seen these stunners in magazines such as Elle, InStyle, Runway and Lucky and worn by celebrities such as Kate Bosworth, Sophia Vergara, Megan Fox, Joss Stone, Serena Williams, Estelle and Reba McEntire.
Well, today marks their debut at Harrods. And on top of that good news, the collection benefits a good cause:

Royal Asscher Diamond Company is thrilled to announce that Harrods, London’s famed luxury department store, will be selling the Stars of Africa floating diamonds collection. The collection will debut on Saturday, October 8th .

Harrods will have the largest collection of Stars of Africa jewelry in the UK, including the limited editions with pink diamonds and the Royal Stars with orange diamonds, which are a tribute to the Royal Dutch family for the extension of the Royal title earlier this year.

Launched in 2009, this beautiful and innovative collection (comprised of rings, earrings, pendants and cufflinks) consist of diamonds encased within fluid-filled sapphire domes, which allow the diamonds to float freely like snowflakes in a snow globe. The result is cascading diamonds that emit light, fire and beauty, which creates a truly  mesmerizing effect.

The Stars of Africa collection has more than just aesthetic appeal: The collection benefits Royal Asscher’s Africa-focused fundraising initiative, Stars of Africa. This philanthropic initiative aims to improve infrastructure in Africa by generating funding for healthcare, education and self sufficiency programs. As a family and as a company, the Asschers have a strong collective social conscience and an inherited love of the undeniable beauty of diamonds. Royal Asscher considers it to be of paramount importance that diamonds not only bring happiness to the wearer, but also to everyone involved in the diamond supply chain.

Mike Asscher says: “The world’s most famous luxury department store is a perfect fit and we are very proud that the Stars of Africa Collection is now being sold within the vicinity of the true Star of Africa: the Cullinan diamond.”

Royal Asscher is renowned for its unique heritage and history, which includes cleaving the world’s largest rough diamond in 1908, the Cullinan, presently housed in Great Britain’s Crown Jewels. Royal visitors to the Amsterdam based company include Japan’s Emperor Hirohito, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

Source: The Daily Jewel