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Royal Jewelry for the Lucky Public

The Royal Asscher and the British Monarch go way back, starting in 1908 when the Asscher brothers from Amsterdam cut the biggest diamond in the world (the Cullinan). The Cullinan I (530 carats) was mounted in the head of the Scepter with the Cross. And the Cullinan II (317 carats) was mounted in St. Edward’s Crown. Both are part of the Royal Crown Jewels and permanently displayed in the Tower of London.

Now, Royal Asscher allows the public the opportunity to own pieces created especially created for Queen Elizabeth II’s yearlong Diamond Jubilee celebration.


According to Forbes:

The Royal Asscher Diamond Company released a limited edition version of its Stars of Africa jewelry in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s yearlong Diamond Jubilee celebration.

The “Diamond Jubilee Stars” is based on the same design introduced in 2009 that incorporates a clear half-sphere or full-sphere made of sapphire crystal filled with tiny diamonds. The crystal shells are filled with a clear silicone, which allow the diamonds to float inside the sphere jewelry in the same manner that paper confetti floats inside a snow globe.

The newest collection consists of a ring and pendant made of 18k rose gold. The half-sphere of the ring contains a total of 2.12 carats of white, blue and fancy pink floating diamonds. The full sphere of the pendant contains 4.91 carats of white, blue and fancy pink diamonds. The colors of the diamonds resemble the three colors of The Union Jack, the British National Flag.

The Diamond Jubilee Stars are available in an exclusive edition of six pieces, each with its own serial number and certificate and are only available at Harrods, London.

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